Do you often feel like you are addicted to food? Well it is not your fault! The food industry has hooked over 68% of the American population. We are led to believe that there is no good food or bad food, that it's all a matter of balance. This sounds good in theory, except for one thing...

New discoveries in science prove that processed sugar, fat and salt-laden food and food that is made with processed chemicals rather than grown naturally on a plant, are biologically addictive.

Foods made with sugar, extra fat, and also salt can also be habit forming. Especially when merged with key methods that “Big Food” will not discuss or make public. We feel biologically stimulated to require these foods and also driven to eat as much of these as is possible. Most of us have experienced this in relation to our own urges.

Take a moment and just think about this. Why is it so difficult for overweight people to lose weight despite the interpersonal stigma and disastrous health effects such high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint disease, and many cancers? Even though they try so hard and truly want to lose weight.

Imagine a foot-high pile of broccoli, or a giant bowl of apple slices. Do you know anyone who would binge on broccoli or apples? I don’t. On other hand, imagine a mountain of potato chips or a whole bag of cookies, or a pint of ice cream. Those are easy to imagine vanishing in an unconscious eating frenzy. Broccoli is not addictive, but cookies, chips, or soda absolutely can become addictive drugs.

The "just say no" approach to drug addiction hasn't fared to well, and it won't work for our food addiction, either. Tell a cocaine or heroin addict or an alcoholic to "just say no" after that first snort, shot, or drink. It's not that simple. There are specific biological mechanisms that drive addictive behavior. Nobody chooses to be a heroin addict or alcoholic. Nobody chooses to be fat, either. The behaviors arise out of primitive neurochemical reward centers in the brain that override normal willpower, thus overwhelm our ordinary biological signals that control hunger.

It is not your fault but, it is possible to stop the struggle and lose weight.


Sugar stimulates this brain's incentive centers from the neurotransmitter dopamine, much like other habit forming drug treatments.

PET scans have shown that high-sugar and also high-fat food operate just like heroin, opium, or perhaps morphine in the brain.

Mental faculties image resolution (PET scans) shows that overweight persons and also drug recovering addicts possess reduced numbers of dopamine receptors, producing these individuals more likely to require stuff improve dopamine.
Food high in extra fat and also puddings promote this generate in the anatomy's own opioids (chemicals just like morphine) in the brain.

Just like a drug , immediately after a first amount of "enjoyment" in the food, an individual don't utilizes them to receive high although for you to sense regular you have to keep eating more and more.

So what is the solution?

The Solution is to use hypnosis and NLP to trick the brain effectively changing the way you think about food. The only way to stop the never ending struggle is to change the subconscious programs that are running in your computer which is your mind. Willpower alone only works for a short while. Then the feeling of deprivation kicks in.

Every individual consciously wants to be happy, healthy and successful. What stands in their way to achieve this is always a faulty thought pattern in the subconscious mind. Dieting can never successfully work for the long term without treating symptoms (e.g. techniques to cope with stress, emotional eating, etc) unless the underlying cause has been dealt with.

The human mind can be compared to a computer. The subconscious mind is like the hard drive which contains the program a thought pattern. This program determines what appears on the screen. The conscious mind can be compared to the screen and the keyboard. If you press the right keys and a fault keeps appearing on the screen, you know the program is at fault and it will have to be repaired or replaced.

Through hypnotherapy this program can be accessed and de-programmed and re-programmed, thus deleting underlying faulty thought patterns and replacing it with positive suggestions, which results in the permanent cure of the symptoms.

If you could change anything in your life right now... whether it's weight, anxiety, confidence, charisma, or quitting smoking... what would it be? When you feel the freedom of finally being able to lose weight and think like a thin person everything in life becomes easier. It not just about food!

It is time to now stop the struggle and frustration of fat. Do it now before you end up with high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, cancer and all of the many killer diseases that are being linked daily to fat. The facts on being overweight don’t lie. They may tell a story much like yours. All of these health issues can be reversed. THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU!

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Marilyn Ocean is a Catalyst for change. Her Diet Mind Power weight loss techniques use the power of your mind not your will power. You will find what was once difficult becomes easy. Her clients rapidly benefit from her unique combination of breakthrough skills and her burning passion for helping others with their weight loss struggle. You will find that as you easily master her techniques you will be able to use them in all areas of your life to achieve your goals.

Both personally and as a Registered Nurse she has seen and shared the emotional toll, desperation, health devastation, heartbreak and feelings of helplessness that goes along with excess weight.

This created a burning passion to find a real and permanent solution amid all the noise and empty promises of the diet industry.

Marilyn has a multitude of credentials and certifications when combined have enabled her to create an entirely new model to help you achieve your goals. Just a few are: Registered Nurse, Certified Hypnotist, Life Coach and Master Neuro- Linguistic Programming Certification (NLP). She has helped many to create lasting change, success and motivation to achieve both weight loss goals and financial success. You can learn more at .

fter many years of research she has created a program using proven methods of mind/body connection that work from the inside out.

She created The Diet Mind Power Program, as the ultimate solution. Call Marilyn now at 561 318 0708 for a FREE Consultation.