It is a tragedy what is happening in our local school districts. The budget crunch is depleting jobs in the public sector at rapid rates. Collective bargaining agreements are no longer available in many states. If you are an unemployed teacher and your contract wasn’t renewed, I can empathize with you, I too became an unemployed teacher.

Recently on an NPR broadcast, Sean Cavanagh, who covers state education policy for Education Week, was interviewed about the current cuts. Mr. Cavanagh shared that “in Milwaukee, 354 teachers will be laid off, in Chicago a thousand. Nationwide the total estimated layoffs for school employees were around 60,000.”It is hard to wrap your head around this actually happening to our children nation wide.

As if the challenges of assessments, the increase of students at risk and over crowded classroom weren’t enough, can you imagine what an increase in unemployed teachers will do? The children didn’t have the support they deserved in many states before these layoffs occurred.

When I became an unemployed teacher I immediately began researching other options. Being resourceful is a skill we have learned to master. I was not willing to be a victim of the political agendas and economic downturn. I took control of my destiny and economy. I believed in my worthiness and would not allow the self sabotaging conversations to begin.

It was scary at first I have to admit, leaving my teaching job, my benefits, and my students. There are other ways however, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone where you can use your creative talents and communication skills in service to others. I can share with you first hand trying something new was a relief compared to struggling financially and worrying about how my family and I were going to survive. Didn’t you always teach your students to “not be afraid to try new things and that they could be anything they wanted to be?” Well, the same goes for you.

Did you ever dream about writing your own book? Or helping more children around the world? Did you want to travel somewhere but couldn’t because of your school schedule? Did you ever feel as a teacher you weren’t properly compensated for all of the time and devotion you put in? I know I have.

Our purpose as a teacher is to improve the quality of life for children. If you are an unemployed teacher know that you have other options.

What if I told you, I knew a way? This new way will absolutely blow your mind. You will be able to work your own schedule leveraging the power of the internet. You are already internet savvy. No more late nights of correcting papers, bus duty or dealing with absentee parents. No more teachers’ room gossip to drag you down or worrying if a cyber bullying report needs to be filled out.

Instead of being an unemployed teacher, you can become a business owner instead working from home or wherever you wish as long as there’s internet access. You can use your skills and talents you already have, build upon them and generate your former annual salary in a fraction of the time. I discovered there were people on-line making my former annual salary by 10 in the morning. They generated that income while they slept.

I never knew this world existed from the confines of my classroom walls. I still teach but my audience is different. Now, my goal is to help millions of children across the globe.

Take the time to research your options available. Contact me if you are interested in learning more. Thank you for inspiring and empowering so many children and creating a better world.

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Lynn is a leader for female entrepreneurs on their journey in business, mentoring and ensuring in their sustainable success. She teaches current trends in the marketplace, foundational principles from the past & mastery of skills for an abundant and purposeful future.
She is passionate about sharing the revolutionary e-learning platform of PRO U and the financial education of Automatic Millionaire International®with those who are determined to create their ultimate life.