When I was out walking the other day, I came across a load of lambs. Having said that, it might be more accurate to say that a lamb spotted me and after this, I saw the lamb and a number of other lambs.

This lamb was looking at me through a fence and I even managed to take a few pictures. I must say that I was surprised by how curious this lamb was; this wasn’t something that I expected.

Play Time

Before this I had seen lambs jumping around and playing with each other, but this didn’t have the same impact on me. As they were basically children, I thought that this type of behaviour was normal.

The type of behaviour that these lambs were displaying was very different to how sheep usually behave. Sheep usually walk around eating and if they are not doing that, they are sitting down.

A Similar Path

What I started to think about after this was how someone can be like a lamb when they are younger and like a sheep when they are older. Therefore, by the time they are an adult, their curiosity may have more or less disappeared.

Another thing that can be different is that they might not have anywhere near the amount of energy that they had at this time of their life. And if they were a free spirit, this could also be a thing of the past.

A Common Outlook

Over the years I have hard a lot of people say that human beings are like sheep, due to their herd mentality. What I can’t say is that I have heard anyone say that children are like lambs.

It could then be said that these lambs start off in the right way but most lose their way as time goes by. Likewise, human beings start off in the right way and a lot lose their way as time goes by.

The Reason

How these lambs are treated by human beings could be what causes them to change as time goes by or it could simply be something that is inbuilt. When it comes to why a human being would have lost touch with their curiosity as an adult, it can be the result of the messages that they received very early on.

This part of their nature will then have been covered up, which may mean that they no longer have the same passion for life either. But no matter how many years pass, this part of their nature is unlikely to completely disappear.

Final Thoughts

When someone is curious it will give them the desire to learn new things, and this can stop them from getting bored. They might be an adult, yet the whole world will be a like a playground.

Instead of simply judging others, they will want to find out about them and to see why they do the things that they do. Being this way is also going to have a positive effect on their relationships as they will actually be interested what these people have been doing.

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