Do you notice yourself shifting and changing now? Do you feel an urgency now to fulfill your potential?

Humanity is now undergoing a massive shift. People are awakening spiritually at a more rapid rate and in larger numbers than ever before. This is a pivotal time in human history- a time that’s referenced in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, the Bible, The Book of Mormon, and the Mayan Calendar.

This awakening is one of the greatest things that could happen to you because it holds an opportunity to unlock your potential now! Perhaps you’re already experiencing the awakening. What would it be like to unlock and fulfill your potential? What would that do for you? For the world?

People are shifting rapidly. They’re shifting their beliefs, their patterns and how they respond to life’s events. As they respond, the emotions they choose to experience can actually activate their potential by activating their DNA in specific ways.

As you shift your limiting beliefs, your negative self-talk, and the roots of your defeating behaviors, you can shift the degree of success you achieve (however you choose to define success), the level of affluence you attain, as well as the amount of happiness, ease, and satisfaction you experience. Lasting change is possible when beliefs change! Choose your beliefs and consciously change your life; create the life YOU want.

Have you wanted MORE: aliveness, richness, fulfillment, excellence, and authenticity?

There is now a unique opportunity to identify and shift the internal obstacles and internal conflicts between your conscious beliefs and your subconscious beliefs. It’s these conflicts that keep you from effectively realizing your dreams, your plans, your best intentions. The subconscious mind is responsible for 90-95% of your behavior, yet it’s subconscious! It’s not something you have awareness of. You may not know that your subconscious mind holds beliefs that are in direct conflict with what you want and intend to do. THIS is the reason for much of the difficulties and lack of progress you experience! Clearing these obstacles clears the way to taking appropriate consistent action, being effective, confident, productive, and efficient, as well as fulfilling your potential. Once the subconscious is aligned with the conscious mind, success and fulfillment come MUCH faster, more easily and life need not be such a struggle!
Excellence and authenticity are your birthright! Claim them now.

For those wanting to evolve as quickly and gracefully as possible, this same unique opportunity offers a Fast Track to allowing your DNA to shift in the necessary ways to prepare you for the shift to the 5th Dimension.
This IS a pivotal time in human evolution when you can choose your reality, your destiny, your future, and begin to experience the science of compassion, unity, oneness, and unconditional love. You can shift out of everything that currently limits you, causes suffering, and makes you unhappy, lonely, and unfulfilled.
Become the leader of your own life!
Get the key to unlock your unlimited potential and SOAR!

I’m sharing a few short videos to help you to understand the shift and the enormous opportunity you now have. You’ll have the opportunity to receive a gift of 5 things that can make the critical difference in your life and cause many limiting beliefs to fall away.


Very warmly,
Kamila Harkavy
Founder, Money*Mission*Mastery


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Kamila Harkavy, founder of MoneyMissionMastery, works with spiritually-oriented entrepreneurs to earn what they're worth doing work they love that fulfills their purpose, to have a healthy, mature, responsible, abundant relationship with money, increase their income, joy and savings and to decrease their debt and stress.