Check out your risk factors following:

Your age especially if you are 50 or above
The density of your breast
The family history of breast cancer if any
If you not have a child or had a first born in your 30’s
Menstruation before the age of 12
Late menopause

The things you can do!

Control your alcohol intake
Seek alternatives for hormonal therapies
Control obesity
Breastfeeding is an opportunity in disguise for mothers to defeat breast cancer
Remain physically active through exercise and workout

The open secret!

The chance that a woman will die from breast cancer is about one in 36.

Mission with a vision!

Cancer awareness is not merely a task but a mission. Every individual has the responsibility to work in this regard. Breastlight is also not only a device to detect the abnormalities but it is actually an initiator when it comes to breast cancer awareness. Awareness is a first precautionary measure that can avert several complications.

“Breastlight can reliably pick up abnormal lumps which can be further investigated to assess whether benign or malignant,” said Mr. Matei Dordea, specialist registrar at Sunderland City Hospital.

Be a part of Breastlight Awareness!

If you want to disseminate the message of awareness and love, you can play your part. Keep this device with you and inform others to keep this along. Share your experiences with us by visiting our website (

The changes you need to look for?

Women’s bodies are on the constant change. There are few biological factors involved in it as well. Sometimes the very common or normal change can eventually end up as cancer symptoms, so always remain concerned about the changes in your body to avoid any serious situation.

The skin over the breast is lumpiness or wrinkling
Any change in the nipples
Discharge from nipples
Change of breast’s skin completion

Factual statement!

It is said that 40% of breast cancer is detected by the women themselves. Breastlight can be very helpful it this regard and one can fix breast cancer in its earlier stage.

Clinical Trials and Screening

There have been many clinical trials which were conducted from time to time and still are in progress to check the accuracy of the magical powers that Breastlight contains.  In this regard back in June 2010 on the occasion of 12th Milan Breast Cancer Conference, some facts were presented after the clinical trials which were conducted at Sunderland City Hospital. The trials included 300 women and before their brief clinical assessment women were examined with Breastlight so to compare it with the Mammograms, ultrasounds or any other standard procedure later. It was seen that Breastlight was very much pertinent in finding the malignant disease and benign abnormalities which were also confirmed with the other mentioned clinical procedures. The data presented at the conference also included the ratio of the trails which were later proved as positive. It showed that 12 out of 18 women were detected with malignant tumors with the use of Breastlight and later were confirmed after biopsy whereas 240 cases were declared negative by using Breastlight and also after using any other procedure and the accuracy percentage was about 85. Here it was also mentioned that all the tumors were 7mm in size so hence proved that the tumors much smaller than this would not be detected.

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