Do you ever feel like there is something, or perhaps ‘someone’ inside you that doesn’t have your best interests at heart? Do you ever get the feeling that this inner force is always two steps ahead of you trying to sabotage any attempts you try to make to improve your life? Do you feel like you are being held hostage in a life of mediocrity by this ‘entity’? If so, then I would like you to know that your inner feelings likely reflect what you have known for some time but were hesitant to share with others because of the fear of sounding crazy.
I ask you to be honest with yourself for a moment.

Do you really want to live a life of failure? I didn’t think so. So, if you wish, try the following; place one hand over your heart and as if speaking from the heart region, say the following to yourself:

“I desire a happy, healthy, peaceful, exciting, joyful, fulfilling and effortlessly successful life for myself.”
Now notice how you feel inside. You will likely have noticed a positive shift in your feelings. If you have and you like this new experience simply affirm this to yourself and it will only get stronger.

Now some of you will likely have felt something inside resisting you. If so, I ask you, did you like feeling this resistance to your heartfelt statement for success? I didn’t think so. So if you are fed up of feeling such resistance – say the following to yourself from your heart:

“This is my mind, body and life and I am reclaiming total and absolute control over myself now and forever and I command all internal forces not in alignment with my command to leave my mind and body now!”
Now, notice how you feel. Once again I think many of you will have begun to experience a sense of relief and/or freedom that feels empowering. Let me describe what is taking place.

You are not only reclaiming control over yourself with this exercise you are also becoming aware of the negative programming or conditioning based in early negative memories of early life stored inside you that has held you hostage in a frustrated way of life. The above exercise gives you, I believe, greater clarity, on where you find yourself mentally and emotionally. With this greater clarity you will likely also appreciate the following.

The negative internal programming/conditioning, much like a computer program, has been installed on the “hard drive” of your unconscious mind and has been set to function to automatically thwart your success. There is now a way to “uninstall” the programming once and for all. This is done with a new process that helps you to erase the negative memories and corresponding beliefs that make up the internal “preset” programming.

As these are erased, one begins to recognise how they were being unnecessarily limited by something they a) never asked for and b) likely never even realised was “not part” of their true, capable and deserving self.

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