How are you blaming money for your difficulties that you are facing and do you know how you are expressing it?

If you agree that money is part of your life and you need this to have a better living for yourself and your family, maybe you are not seeing the signs that you are blaming the thing that you really want to have more of and not knowing that you do.

Enough money

You may feel that once you have enough money you will be able to do and go where ever you want. You may feel that money is stopping you from having the life you were meant to live.

You may look around you and see how your family is so far apart and not much in common to share. You may say to yourself if I had more money I can use this to bring them together. With this attitude you are using money and people so you can feel good about yourself and maybe to even get some recognition for which you are lacking.

Feeling alone

You may feel alone and think if you had more money you can have more people close to you. You may think that you can help out other people only to get more attention and recognition for what you are doing, so your motives are not all about feeling helping others and maybe about not feeling alone and getting attention.

Accountable to what you want

Having less finance is helpful because you are like many other people it holds you to be accountable to what you want and keeps what you want out of reach. You may feel that you cannot get or achieve what you want because you are not lucky or that the universe is not listening to you and all of this is your way of making logic for not having more money.

Where do you turn

Understanding your patterns and taking responsibility that you are creating the way of how you deal and react with money can give you insights to where you are blocking from not having more.

It may be difficult to face yourself that you are creating the problem and not someone else, but taking the right steps will give you the courage to get out of your difficulty.

You know you are accustoming to blaming money and you do not want to go there mentally. However the habits of the past want to come back in because this was how you related to yourself and others through difficulties.

Who and where do you turn to get the right answer to make the changes you need to break the cycle, it must first come from you, the desire to no longer live like this.
The universe creates events to help you to make a change sometimes you may kick and scream for fear of taking the next step because you want a guarantee before you move that it will turn out fine.

Conclusion: When you blame money for your difficulties you even push it further away from coming closer to you.

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