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Monday, February 28, 2011
Hi, Jay here.

If you are looking for a quick and simple solution to have a high quality header graphics on your site or blog without the work that it requires, then I’m glad you find this website and I strongly suggest you to keep reading.

By now, you may have seen some websites offering hundreds of templates that are low quality, done by some amateur, with little thought or creativity goes into each design. And it can be very embarrassing to have them placed at the very top of your webpage. So, don't wade through these tons of amateurish stuff anymore, cause I’ll give you the quality ones now. You see, I have been a professional graphic designer for over 10 years now, so I won’t ruin my reputation by producing some useless stuff for everyone. So if you also concern about quality, then stay on this page…I’ll show you some of the web headers I made for you….

You can have them plus 90 more high quality stuff
for less than you would pay a designer to create just 1 header

No kidding...

Professional Quality WebHeader Graphic
For Only 47 Cents / Header !

Yes, you read that right. The price may come cheap, but I’m not offering you with low quality products, but rather I am giving you a package of 100 of the most eye popping header templates that you can get your hands on ! And you can customize all of them easily by changing the text, size, or even the image and color.

You Receive 100 Web-Headers in Various Popular Niches
In this package there are 100 high quality website headers in various niches such as healthcare, hobby, online money making, investment, food, pet, kids, relationship, and more....You just simply select the web-header that best fits your product niche and modify it as you wish. You can even combined the header graphics to create your own header styles. By using this package you can easily set up hundreds of niche websites, Adsense pages, and much, much more !

All the web headers in this package come in 2 file formats :

JPG Format (blank / without text)
The web-headers come in blank (no-text) templates. Just open the JPG files in any graphic program of your choice, type in your text and save the image. There you get your own web-header ! It's easy to work with JPG images ! And you can even add some of your own images if you want to.
PSD Format (Photoshop)
PSD files give you even more flexibility to change and customize your own web-headers. Every single template element is on its own layer, so it’s easy to change the color, text, position and/or look of the header. You can easily edit these PSD files with an image editing program such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Shop, Gimp (Free), and many more.
If you don't have any of these programs, you can get Photoshop for a 30-day free trial. I'm also giving you some resources for free graphics programs that you can use to design not only headers, but also other graphic design needs.

Life Time Support
Don’t worry if you are not a graphic savvy, cause I’ll provide you with a
FREE Touch-Up Service for your first web header. That means, you will be assured to have your first website header COMPLETELY DONE for you ! These touch-up services include : resizing the web header to fit your site or blog, put in your headline and tagline, apply your logo, or replace the image with yours. I’ll make it ready as you wish. And if you need more for your next web headers, I can execute your request for a minor cost.

Hassle-Free Templates For Years To Use
Once you purchase the package, the headers are yours to use in any way that you see fit. Use it on your websites. Use it on your clients' website. There are no restrictions on template images, so you can feel safe about having them on your site.

You can mix and match any images or design templates to create your own unique header, and charge you clients for the designs ! (This does NOT require any Reseller License, and without having to pay any extra royalty to me ). You can keep on using them as long as you want.


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Small Business Owner For Last 15 Years And Own Several Business's.