“I find solace with a tantric massage. Am I cheating on my partner because of it?”

This is a question that several men out there come up with especially when it comes to talking about their experiences despite having a fear of being judged. Some share it with pride while the rest feel guilty about it. The guilt is backed by statements where he was forced into it by a friend or stress took him there for a massage.

Well, there are numerous reasons that back the fact that you are or aren’t cheating on your partner and it often depends on the mutual understanding and the relationship that you share with them and everyone has it different in their case.

It is to recover the lost sexual flame

there are times when men face issues with their sex life when they lose out on the vigour that was once prevalent. It is probably the fatigue at the end of the day or probably the problems that they face in the relationship that lets things fade away. There are times when men intend to bring back that lost flame and to ensure that things are right there and there is this capability to revive their sexuality with a tantric massage in London. This is something that contributes to keeping the relationship alive as well. So that wouldn’t probably be termed as cheating.

tantric massage in London

It doesn’t involve active sex or similar activities

Unlike going to an escort or someone professional who only focuses on having sex and similar activities; tantric massage is nowhere close to that. There is a deeper side to it where there is your body is prepared in a way that channels the sexual energies well while getting rid of stress, anxiety, pain and any other bodily issue that a person faces. The control over their sexual outbursts and the capability to make sexual activity more pleasurable rather than finishing off early is what is the result of a tantric massage. There is no emotional connect with the masseuse, and it is done simply to ease out problems. When it is something that is done for the good, it cannot be termed as cheating.

It is based on individual relationships

Getting a tantric massage may be harmless for a person, but if the same thing is accepted by the partner and is considered as a part of the freedom that they want their partner to enjoy, then there are no qualms about it. But if there is a situation when you know at the back of your mind that you are cheating on her by doing such an act and letting her know about it, then you could not go for a tantric massage at all or probably go and not let her know about it. Being guilty yet doing something doesn’t make sense in any way.

No masseuse for a body to body massage in London would want to see their clients be in a ruined relationship. It is solely your decision to go there and receive a massage. Being guilty and restricting ourselves to things don’t turn out to be a solution.

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Resource Box – The author has had close associations with those that provide tantric massage in London and this article is written keeping in mind the questions that people come up with when it comes to receiving a body to body massage in London.