There is so much opportunity out there and abundance all around that even if you are only equipped with a pen to sign contracts, you have a heart filled with determination and a commitment to excel; you can invite great financial well-being into your experience. Yes, of course money or the accumulation of wealth is not everything, but the greater your financial standing, the greater the comfort you will enjoy and the better equipped you will be, to offer philanthropic support to the people around you.

The accumulation of wealth is never something to be discouraged, because you believe it is wrong. There is nothing wrong with accumulating great wealth at all. There is abundance all around and enjoying a great life, filled with comfort is everyone’s birth right. Yes of course you will be better equipped to support and help others to realise their full potential, when you have accumulated wealth, but there is also no harm in enjoying the fruits of your labours yourself.

Accumulating Wealth

There are many different ways of accumulating wealth. Just as with losing weight – If you move more and eat fewer calories than you use up as energy every day, you will gradually reduce weight, until you reach your optimal weight. Then you need to consume the same amount of calories as you consume as energy every day, to maintain your ideal weight. So too is the formula for accumulating wealth really simple. You simply need to spend less than you earn every month and then invest the surplus into savings or good investments and over time your wealth will grow.

This sounds and is really simple, but unfortunately the majority of the population, do not use this simple formula, as it requires them to delay their gratification and no longer receive that very short term fix, where they buy things they cannot afford. How are you doing in this regard, are you spending more than you earn every month?

There are only two ways of ensuring you break free from the debt trap:

Increase your earnings
Reduce your expenses
If you want to finally break out of the debt trap and start accumulating the wealth you deserve, then you need to break your addiction with consuming things, which add very little or no value to your life. Instead focus your energy and resources’ on increasing your personal value, through study and personal growth. Instead of wasting money buying things, which bring only very small pleasures in the moment, rather invest into your education and creating a winning investment plan. Your on-going investment of both time and resources, into your personal development will allow you to grow, thereby increasing your value. As your personal value increases, so too will your income. Your investment plan and commitment towards working your plan daily, will at the same time allow you to start slowly accumulating wealth.

Investment Plan

Your investment plan is not simply a budget, which allows you to monitor your spending each month. That is just one element of an investment plan. Your investment plan must be really detailed and it must clearly chart a course towards accumulating wealth. Some of the elements to include your investment plan are as follows:

A budget clearly defining income, expenditure and ensuring that you set money aside for investing and saving each month.
How much are you going to save and invest each month?
How do you intend to allocated this money between your various investment options?
What type of investments are you going to acquire?
How do you intend accumulating the necessary finances or funds to buy them
By when you intend buying them.
How are you going to measure your progress? What measurement criterion are you going to use to track your progress?
How often and how you intend measuring your progress?
How do you intend leveraging the banks or other lenders money to your advantage, to support you to accumulate wealth. Debt is only bad, if it is used to purchase consumer items. It is a wonderful medium to use to support you to grow your investments. If you can borrow money, which costs you X and you can earn Y from the investment, which is greater than X. You are effectively using someone else’s money to grow your wealth.
There should be a good balance in your portfolio. Try to spread the risk between different investment options, such as shares in listed companies, bonds, commercial, domestic and industrial property etc.

Growing your wealth is not easy; it is however really simple, if you follow these few principles, as described in this article. Your challenge is foregoing instant gratification and instead adopting a longer term view of your life, where you create a wealth creation plan and you stick to it. If you build a wealth creation plan and you commit to take action on it daily and you measure your progress regularly. Inviting financial well-being into your experience is inevitable.

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