See the Light
Rights and Wrongs

We grow up as vulnerable kids in this world, not knowing any better, thinking our families, our society will teach us everything we need to know about what is right and what is wrong.

Not Knowing Right from Wrong!

We think they will teach us everything we need to know about life. They are the ones who we first rely on for guidance, but as we get older, and we start going through so many mistakes, we start to realize that our society, our families, are clearly CONFUSED about what is right and what is wrong!

Seeing the Light

At this stage, we realize we have to rely on something other than just our family or society for guidance.

That's when we realize that we need to pursue the path of God.

What’s Your Tipple?

In the West, we live in an alcohol obsessed society. They've brainwashed almost our entire society to think that it’s normal to drink alcohol.

To Drink or not to Drink?

They've gotten almost our entire society to be addicted to alcohol. They drink alcohol everywhere: at weddings, at kids’ birthdays, at dinners, at family gatherings.

Disney Drink

Even on the Disney channel, a couple took a shot together at dinner. Every kid is being influenced to think that this is normal.

Downside Look
Look at the lifestyle they have formed based around alcohol.

Look at how many girls decide to have sex while they are intoxicated.

Look at how many kids are dying from drunk-driving car crashes every year.

Look at how many drunk-driving car accidents there are every year.

Look at how youth is addicted to the drinking and partying lifestyle at such an early age.

Look at how many arguments people go through when intoxicated.

Look at how many fights there are because of alcohol.

Look how drinking and partying destroy lives and potential.

Why Alcohol? Why Drugs?

The reason why this society has us all addicted to alcohol is to give us some sort of pleasure.

Sustainable Happiness

Deep down, people are hurting and confused because society is confused about how to find happiness.

What can Believers Do?

This society clearly cannot see what is right and what is wrong and that's why it is our DUTY to help spread these messages and help our friends and family become aware.

True Pleasure; True Happiness

The pleasure and happiness that society is trying to find can only come from God.

Godly Passion

But in order to find God, we must carefully observe who the trustworthy ones are and who are the confused. Just use your intelligence and you can see who clearly are passionate about God and preserving truth and who has doubt in their faith.

The Blind Leading the Blind

From following the confused, it will only lead to confusion in us and doubts in our faith.

But if you put your trust in those who you can clearly see are on the right path, then it will only help strengthen faith and show you the path you must take.


If you wish to attain success in this life, we must follow the path of truth.

Pathway to God

God is teaching and leading me towards a better and smarter path.

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I am an English specialist with I CAN READ. I have worked for major British institutions – British Council, British High Commission, British Railways Board and Linguaphone. I am a London-trained lawyer and have been the public affairs officer at the British High Commission, Singapore, as well as an editor in an international book publishing house and a national magazine. I am also co-author of two law books: English Legal System and Company Law, published by Blackstone, Oxford University Press. I am an Ambassador of Peace (Universal Peace Federation and Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace). Email about I CAN READ. For more on English, blessings, and personal and business success: