Did your partner recently ended your relationship and you are now feeling shocked and devastated? The time when you are coping with a break up is definitely destabilizing. However, if you keep these tips in mind the you just might get over the pain and get your ex back to boot.

Coping with a break up os horrible. All those nights where you can't sleep and days when you can't concentrate are really messing up your life - all because you are coping with a break up.

It might help you if you utilize the No Contact Rule when coping with a break up. You'll find that the No Contact Rule is advantageous to you and your ex. This period where the two of you don't talk will allow both of you some breathing space. The more you try to talk to them, the farther they will be from you as you are not respecting their need for space.

The No Contact Rule would allow you to adjust. What you should be doing is focusing on the things that you want to achieve. Whenever you start feeling bad about yourself, you're really just thinking about the things that you don't want in your life. Try looking on the brighter side by focusing on possibilities rather than on sad thoughts.

Note that focusing on what you want in life would not be that easy. This is why you always need to be thankful. You will always find yourself having a positive outlook at life if you are always thankful for something. Now start thinking about the things that you are thankful for in your life.

You could feel grateful for a lot of things from something as simple as a good breakfast or having your own computer. Think about the smallest things you are thankful for having and write them all down. Are you grateful that you have a steady job? Are you grateful for your breakfast? Are you happy that you have a home? These are just some of the things you can try out.

You should feel a little bit better after accomplishing this exercise. This is one of the approaches that would make coping with a break up easier. Whenever you find yourself getting sad, just think about your goals in life and the things you are thankful to have.

Now that you know what it is you want, you can now work towards getting it. Working on your life is the only way that you can cope with a break in a relationship.

More often than not, people put some aspects of their life on hold as they pursue a relationship. What aspect have you paused in your life? Maybe you failed to keep up with friends? Do you want to shed a few pounds? Perhaps you need to focus on your career and finally get that promotion? If you think you could improve on something then do it!

This approach would be invaluable when you are coping with a break up. With a better frame of mind, you will achieve higher self esteem and therefore be more optimistic with life and perhaps even get your ex back with you.

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