One of the political slogans of 2016 is
“Make America Great”. But, how do you make a country great?

Who makes the country great? What makes a country great? When and Why? And HOW? These are the questions school teachers ask students all the time, and we adults have to do the same.

As I see it, a country is what its citizens make it. And, your life is what you make it.

So… are you creating Greatness? Are you a leader in your life?
Or are you enjoying mediocrity, being one of the crowd, faking your joy and satisfaction?

Creating greatness is not about putting on a pin that says “I’m Great”, nor of appearing on a magazine cover, nor of getting your “5 minutes of fame”. Creating greatness is about achieving success without destroying anyone or anything. Oh, we hear about great generals who destroyed an enemy, but what did they build? What did they leave for others to pursue and so achieve even higher states of greatness?

Genghis Khan and his troops might have destroyed half of the known world, but he also brought many peoples together and made them cooperate. He had a dream that, though violent, created a greater society, and when that society fell apart, the pieces were stronger and more capable. Similarly, we measure great religious figures not by the sage itself, but by the results of their message and what they built.

History does not really care if they were popular or rich while they were alive: history looks at what they left behind. And we, as individuals, should strive for all the greatness our dreams can hold. Just think of your childhood dreams. Most children dream of being a hero or heroine, and yes: a people of heroes does achieve greatness. We still remember the ancient Amazons, Spartans and other communities who individually pursued violence as an art, having heroes and heroines that were warriors. But, were they Great, as we define the term?

Some of them probably were, but they probably also had a good amount of “do as you are told” people, who didn’t chase their dreams and just limited themselves to doing the minimum necessary for survival and a little extra.

But I want you to assume your greatness and to manifest it. It does not matter if we don’t make the history books as long as we achieve all the success we are able to. And, if we are part of a community where everyone is working at being successful, our community can strive for greatness and achieve it.

So, let me answer the questions the teacher would ask:
What is Greatness that we can create? Is it in achieving everything I, you, and we want from life and our surroundings? Or is it on what our neighbors think of us? I’d say it is in ourselves.
Where is Greatness created ? Is it created in everything constructive I do, and everything that we all strive for when we think of positive success? Or is it in destroying lives and places? I’d say it is in building up, not tearing down.
When is Greatness created? Now or somewhere in the future? I might dream of being great tomorrow, or having been great yesterday, but I’d say the future starts now and that the question is whether I am acting great now!
Who creates Greatness? The media? Hollywood? Ballywood? Armies? Or do we all? I’d say I do… You do… We all do… Of course, some of us don’t create greatness every day and just coast along, enjoying successes from the past, and it’s OK: It is our choice.
How do we create Greatness? By going to “I am great” training? Well, I’d suggest greatness is created by chasing our constructive dreams, those that bring joy to our hearts and working towards achieving them and being successful. Dare to be a great musician, artist, engineer, teacher, parent, child, gamer, etc.! Be a great person yourself!

Be great yourself! It is better than sitting around complaining about everything, and focusing on what you don’t like. I know: I’ve been there, trying to find answers on the TV, in a a bar, everywhere except in my life. Just imagine yourself chasing the greatness you would like, and if it is legal and positive just start moving in that direction.

If you need help, look for a coach, tutor,or a mentor. Athletes, actors, musicians, students and even network marketers base their success and achievements on using mentors, trainers, tutors and coaches to help them learn, so why can’t you? Just as there are athletic coaches and trainers, there are life, professional, success, and other specialty coaches available to help you achieve success.
But how? When? Where? Who? Well, I’d say you can find your own answers, and should. Greatness belongs to people who decide and act on their decisions, not to people who fake it.

So, are you creating Greatness, or fakeness?

Manny Perez, MPA, CAMS, entrepreneur and professional coach.

Author's Bio: 

My mission is to be a co-worker with others, helping them reach their success and goals through my values, experience, and knowledge. More of a “go-giver” than a “go-getter”, I am your ideal “can-do” partner for you to achieve your goals in a lasting manner.
Born in South America, I am known as a Renaissance Man, avid reader and experienced in NYC local organizations, international Oil Operations, financial compliance, cryptocurrency, empowerment, participation, civil rights, local and government development, promotion of human space development, technology, and non-profits. I am known to stand up for my community, and working from within corporate and government structures to achieve change. And, being born overseas, I understand the realities immigrants face when coming to the USA. In addition I am a certified master professional coach besides being an entrepreneur and published author.