We have to say, at first, the idea of GlycoNutrients seemed a little far fetched! Everywhere we looked online we saw all these success stories of people who had Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, and even Cancer who claimed that by taking these miracles pills they were cured! They would claim that they had amazing amounts of energy, stamina, and we even heard of tumors disappearing because of GlycoNutrients. we have to admit we was just a little bit skeptical…in fact, at first we didn’t believe them at all!

I spent most of my life around Network Marketing, and my wife is no stranger to it either. We can honestly say first hand that combined we have heard about every Network Marketing pitch there is to offer. “You won’t believe this product!” “But wait there’s more!” And of course our favorite: “One drop of this elixir, snake oil, ect…can cure everything!” Now of course we am being a little facetious and mellow dramatic, but these corny statements are not very far from the truth. Network Marketers, and sales people always seem as if they would say anything to sell you something that never works like you thought. Don’t get me wrong! We have always believed that there was honest money to be made in sales, and even Network Marketing, but the idea of lying to someone never seemed appeasing to me. So when I heard all these reports about GlycoNutrients we thought to our self, here we go again! That was until we actually did a little research.

The term GlycoNutrients just means “sweet nutrients”. So sugar pills right? Well, not exactly! It doesn’t take a chemist to understand that we need sugar to survive, and for the most part we probably aren’t lacking in that area. However, what most of us probably didn’t know is that sugar helps build cells in our bodies. Well, that sounds like a fantastic plan! All we have to do is eat tons of sugar and that will produce more and more cells, right? Well, try not to get too excited because the type of sugar you are eating is different from the one we are talking about.

Glucose, and lactose we get in milk, are the main types of sugars we consume on a daily basis, but the fact of the matter is we don’t need nearly as much of those as we do of the other 6 types of sugar you have probably never heard of before. That’s right ladies and germs, we actually need 8 types of sugars for our bodies to survive. And, when those 8 types of sugars are working harmoniously they produce Marine Corp type cells in your body that not only do their job with proficiency, but also protect us from all sorts of diseases. So if you are like us your are probably wondering where we are getting those other types of sugars in our diet. Well, the truth is you probably aren’t!

Due to the amount of pesticides we spray on food, harvesting foods before they’re fully developed, and a massive change in our diets in the last 100 years we have pretty much depleted the soil and our bodies of these vital GlycoNutrients. That’s right, congratulations world, not only have we started a cataclysmic snowball in our lives but we have probably set in motion a tumultuous life for our children as well. So if you care about either one of those things you might be asking yourself the same questions we asked ourselves when we found out this information. Is there anything we can do? And how in the world can we stop this from effecting our children?

Lets be honest, the chances of any of us stopping the way farmers harvest and produce crops is pretty much out of our control. Farmers don’t get paid by how many vitamins are in their crops but rather how much they can harvest. However, there is a way to put these vital GlycoNutrients back into our bodies, and when we do the outcomes are sometime miraculous! It’s not because GlycoNutrients are some type of miracle pill, but instead they put what your body requires back into your diet and your children’s diet! By doing this we can help our bodies create good cells, rather than cancerous bad ones, that can give us the life we have always dreamed about! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a call to action! Do the research. There is only one company that supplies GlycoNutrients in their purest form and it is a Research and Development company that can help give you the life you have always wanted. Contact us at anytime and we would love to share more of this wonderful news with you, and help get you on the right track!

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