Consumption Guilt is the feeling that overweight people feel when they eat very high calorie, pleasing foods that they know they should not be eating. Often this occurs in secret. Eating in secret seems to make the “forbidden food or drinks even more desirable. This behavior often gives the food more power over people than the food deserves. Besides unintentional weight gain, there are many problems that this kind of eating can cause.

It not only occurs in fast food restaurants, but just about everywhere a person can be—on the street,in a car, on a boat, in a restaurant, in the family room, kitchen and even in the bedroom. The overwhelming, almost uncontrollable drive to eat results in buying large amounts of food at a drive-thru, ordering food over the phone with the intention of eating everything that is delivered, hiding food all over the house. Often it causes eating in the middle of the night, and sneaking a kid’s French fries while they are playing at the playground at a fast food restaurant. Both men and women engage in this kind of eating, however, it’s more prevalent in women who have much more food exposure than men.
Typically this mindless eating occurs as woman is preparing dinner or cleaning up the dishes. Not only will she sample the food as she is cooking, instead of throwing the uneaten food away that the child does not eat, she will end up eating it. Some women will end up making more food that she knows the kids will eat, so there will be a lot of food left over’s.

This type of eating produces such intensive feelings of guilt and shame that the individual learns to hide his eating in all variety of ways. More often than not, this secretive behavior instills more pleasure in the eating experience, leading to more and more eating, but always in secret. It also happens to be the tool with which the overweight person builds the myth “that they don’t each much more than everybody else.” They start fooling everybody else and subsequently over time will also fool themselves by losing all perspectives about how much they eat.

If you are doing any eating in secret or are eating your child’s food, you need to recognize it. It will make you weight loss and maintenance much easier.

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