I experienced a brief bout with depression yesterday afternoon when I looked at the long list of things I needed to do. I felt extremely overwhelmed, my list included taking out the piling trash and doing a few loads of laundry, to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. I had to work on my book because the deadline is fast approaching and the list goes on. As I sat on my couch I felt a huge wave of sadness overtake me. My eyes began to water, I felt frozen. Was this normal or was I just being unreasonable? My to-do list began to look like a mountain I would never be able to climb and I cried for seemingly no reason. I felt a little better when I worked toward my to-do list one thing at a time with no added pressure from the bully on my shoulder. (conscience) It began to subside so I did some research on Depression. I thought I had a clue but really I didn't. I learned that the symptoms are both emotional and physical. I always thought depression was an emotional problem only and for as long as I thought I was ok emotionally I knew I was ok. It was when I looked at the physical symptoms that I took it a little seriously. Some of the physical symptoms are fatigue or lack of energy, headaches, dizziness, change in appetite and weight, back pain, sleeping too much or too little and digestive problems. Everyone gets some of these symptoms right?
Sudden depression comes from a level of dissatisfaction with your current life or situation. When you look around nothing looks like what you'd pictured when you were five or six. Surely you should be a firefighter or astronaut by now. Have you been drifting with the tide? Allowing life to take you where ever it wanted. Have you made decisions that you are not satisfied with and are now paying the price? I believe everyone goes through bouts of depression throughout their lifetime it is just a simple matter of staying there or pressing forward. The opposite of sad is happy. I love to write so that was the opposite of my sadness I had to remind myself of that. I began to look at my writing as an obligation rather than a passion. What is the opposite of your sadness? Have you looked at your passions or deep desires and dreams and asked yourself what is holding you from doing it? You are your only hindrance, not your children, not your spouse, but you. I know that may sound crazy when you have a demanding child needing your attention along with the demands of being a great spouse. Others are not an excuse, however. If you love to draw set aside time to do that where no one else is allowed in your world for that time. If you love to read then take out time to read. Try to find a book that fills your mind with pictures, pictures that may inspire you.

Doctors say depression occurs during tremendous emotional strain such as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. You may experience depression when you are going through financial issues such as lack of money or incredible debt. Those are very real issues that can overtake you but fight back don't let it paralyze you. Don't let it put you in a place so far removed from reality as you know it. If you have debt face it head-on. Put all of your bills and student loans together so you can see what you owe. I found that when I did this it was not as much as I thought. Call your creditors and let them how much you can afford to pay. They cannot refuse the offer. If you were abused try to seek counseling so you can talk through your feelings. Surround yourself with people who are supportive and patient, people who genuinely want you to get better. If your depression is being caused by a loss of a loved one allow yourself to mourn. Mourn openly, cry, talk to them, tell them everything you wish you could say to their face and then if you haven't already pack up their things and ceremonially let them go. I did not say forget them but let them go so that you may live.

Depression is an illness but it is not the end of you. You can make it with the right support you can begin to live the life you've always wanted. You have to first remember to never let go of your dreams even when it looks impossible.
Depression is inevitable if you are not practicing the gifts you were born with. When you don't practice your gifts or talents you are off balance. Slowly introduce your gifts and or talents into your lifestyle even if you don't quite feel like it in the beginning. This will help you to become rebalanced.

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I am Rasel Ahmed. I am a Digital Marketer. I am working in this field in the last three years six months.