If you want more clients, one of the most effective ways to increase your abundance of clients is with the power of follow up.

For those of us who are heart-centered that “Old School” technique of pressure and manipulation doesn’t work so well. This has been the main point of reference for sales, but when you are a heart-centered entrepreneur you are conflicted about how to “sell.” So you find yourself doing anything but connect with those you are meant to serve.

Time to shift out of “busy-ness” into being in business! And to be in business means connecting with those you are meant to serve. Sales is a main form of human interaction; to pretend it isn’t is just, well, silly.

The key is to create a process that gives you another path to walk - one that feels good – one without so much pressure. That’s where the power of having a second call or a follow up call as part of your sales process comes in.
The old paradigm of sales was to pressure someone to “close” the sale. Instead you want to connect powerfully with those you want to serve and be willing to really spend some time with them – and know that this will create a client-service provider relationship that will last for a very long time. Good, right?

So what are some key pieces you need to have in place for this process of follow up to work for you?

1) Give your potential client a program guide that gives your potential client material about your business that they can look at between your first and follow-up connection. Let your program guide materials hold the energy of the first call and what the experience is like to work with you.

2) Give your potential client an assignment or exercise to do in between your first and follow-up connection. This should support the person and help them make a decision. For example, a massage therapist could give a potential client an exercise related to the pain your client shared with you. Give them an exercise to help them imagine what it would be like to no longer have that pain and to experience your continued support.

The exercise is personal for each coach, healing practitioner or creative entrepreneur. It sets the stage for your second call, the follow-up call.

When a potential client shows up for your follow-up call remember there is something within them that wants to be served. Be energetically responsible and respond to their need; they will then respond to your clear intention and you will joyfully be partnered with a new client!

Your EnergyRICH Call To Action
Use this visualization to support you when connecting with a potential client:

Close your eyes and feel the shift in energy as you turn inward. Take three deep breaths in and out.

As you connect to feel the deepening of your breath, we take the opportunity to call in that higher Source energy that is available. Call up Spirit, Source, the Universe, all Angels, Spirit Guides – whatever language speaks to you. Take this moment to open up and surrender.

Say, “I open myself to be guided by you.”

Release all that isn’t working for you now. Hand them over to someone who can – your fears, doubts, insecurities and questions - and release them.

Ask Source to show you how you can remain light and stay free. How you can receive inspiration and your true purpose as a heart-centered entrepreneur.

Open to receive and allow it all to come rushing in. You receive all opportunities as they come in every form.

You do not question – just step forward and act.

Take a deep breath in and let it out.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick, EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success and Master Coach, is the creator of the EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success System and EnergyRICHcoach.com we are a company devoted to teaching coaches, healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs around the world how to partner Universal Energetic Principles with practical step-by-step "How-To's" to joyfully make more money in your business so you can better serve the world.

Through her EnergyRICH(r) Entrepreneur Success System, Private Coaching Programs, and products, Heather shows her students how to transcend lower level energies like fear and doubt to be able to build their business from a place of serving, joy and abundance. Get started right away with your free EnergyRICH® Success CD: www.energyrichcoach.com