Has it ever occurred to you that you may not be living up to your full potential because you are not giving your best to others including your work, clients, friends or family? Have you taken the time to schedule a lesson, pay for it and during the lesson you hoped time would pass instead of truly trying to follow what the instructor was teaching you?

So, why do we try to get by and stick with our habits even if they don’t bring us results? Let’s explore what is holding you back from being the best you can be. It is, in short, YOURSELF! Judgment aside, it does not help us, let’s just accept the fact that we are more comfortable doing things we know, staying with our same habits, and loving our routine. But hey, who grows in their comfort zone by doing the same thing again and again?

While a little bit of routine is helpful, we want to be careful not to let our autopilot run our life. Our autopilot will get us where the street of our paradigms – judgment, beliefs, and habits – is leading us to. Once you break habits and make the decision to apply yourself fully amazing things will happen. Life is not about just getting by. You are here to thrive and be your best! Starting today make everything you do, every encounter, exceptional!

How to Give Your Best and Get the Best Every Time:

Attitude – You are in Charge!
You are in-charge of your own attitude – your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is a choice to focus on what you can do and to become part of the solution versus growing the problem. Expect nothing less of yourself and others than world-class.

Make an Impact!
Do your best work by doing work that makes a difference and inspires others to do the same. Learn to look for how you can benefit others instead of focusing on what’s in it for you.

Challenge, Brilliance and Forget Excuses!
Practice your skills so you become brilliant. Challenge the way you did things yesterday and allow your passions to guide you to reach higher levels of success. Apply your will power to keep your promise to yourself and others, forget excuses. Compare yourself to yourself not to others, give your best, and be your best.

Mentors and Coaches – Unleash Your Full Potential!
Surround yourself with those who challenge and encourage you, who help you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, exceed your goals by far, reach levels of success you never imagined and help you to tap into skills you never knew you had.

Author's Bio: 

Ulrike Berzau, Executive Coach & Consultant, works with individuals, teams and organization to achieve exceptional results in life and business. With extensive experience as healthcare executive, she is known for providing highly respected insights and creative solutions to secure continuous advancement and excellence. Ulrike has an unwavering passion for igniting the talent and brilliance in others and her international and multicultural experiences allow her to relate to a diverse audience. Her ambitious, yet well balanced, positive and inspiring mindset is the catalyst of her own success and assures the success of clients, staff and organizations.

Ulrike is the co-author of the International Best-Seller Imagine a Healthy You and an inspirational speaker. She is certified as Thinking into Results Consultant, Passion Test Facilitator, ASAP Engagement Consultant and Achieve Today Coach, and holds a Master’s Degree in Management, a Master’s Degree in Health Science, Physical Therapy, and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.