marriage unknowingly

Guilt is one of the worst emotions ever. Not only does it pinch you continually for doing something wrong but also hits your head every time to change it for the good. If the reason for your guilt is ruining your marriage life unknowingly, you’ve got to trust your guilt and let it bring you on track.

While guilt can be good enough for a lot of reasons, it can also be very harmful to your mental health. How? Well, let me give you the picture.

Imagine you feel guilty about letting go off your partner and you can’t have him back anymore. At this point, if you are smart enough to control your mind, you will forgive yourself for letting them go. But if your guilt begins to trigger your mind, you will keep punishing yourself by overstressing thereby hampering your health to a considerable extent.

So, what is the problem? How to combat this problem? What to do about it? Let us take a tour across what are the problems and how you can change the picture when you feel guilty about it.

1.  Saying ‘NO’ to communication

Communication is the key to every relationship. Missing out on the communication can bridge a massive gap between you and your partner. If you’ve been keeping things to yourself and not communicating correctly with your partner regarding small matters or arguments, STOP. You are doing it wrong!

No matter what it is, you must always open your marriage to a strong communication so that both you and your partner can keep the marriage alive with honesty, sincerity, and unity.

2. Where’s the romance?

Have you been ignoring your partner’s sexual needs constantly? Do you and your partner hardly go out for romantic dinner dates or indulge in physical intimacy? If yes, this is another major problem in your marriage and yes, you are ruining it drastically.

Physical intimacy is crucial to ignite the passion, the love, the chase, the thrill all over again.

If you flush it out of your relationship, obviously you are giving way for a terribly boring and tough life for your partner. There can also be other reasons like medically, why your partner is not so active on bed. It’s always a wise decision to go for a sex consultancy session with best sex doctor in India or at least discuss the problem amongst yourselves. So keep the doors open and arms wide open.

3. Learn the art of Forgiving and forgetting

We get it that you are guilty about ruining your marriage by cheating, arguing or doing any other thing that may have caused a problem. But think intellectually. Isn’t feeling guilty a sign of your realization of how you have been doing wrong to your partner or devastating your relationship all this time? Of course, this is a good sign and you must take it positively too.

If your heart and mind keep reminding you of how guilty you are, then communicate with yourself. Pacify your self by reminding how you have realized the situation and you feel sorrowful about it. If you have the power to restore things, please go ahead but if it is already too late, help yourself. At this point, just forgive and forget.

4.  It’s time to make an attempt!

Now that you have realized your mistake or you’ve been feeling guilty, why not do something that will actually benefit your marriage rather than doing nothing at all?

Try to reduce the mistakes that you had been making in your marriage. If it is in your hands and if you are lucky enough to have a lot of time, try and communicate with your partner.

Tell them how you feel guilty about it and you won’t want to repeat them again. If that doesn’t work, changing yourself and giving them signs of your improvement could help immensely in reducing the burden on your married life. Remember, not everybody is lucky enough to have an opportunity to repair the wreck they have created in their married lives. If you have it, do it!


If you’ve been feeling guilty regarding ruining your marriage life unknowingly, forget about it. Focus on rebuilding your marriage if it is still in your hands. If not, learn to change yourself and all the mistakes you’ve made before. Afterall as said, It’s always better late than never!

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