As the cases of infertility increasing day by day, graph of awareness is also increasing in our country. Understanding the severity of infertility, couples are keen to opt for the best technique. But the most challenging part is to understand which technique is best, and with which you get the better solution of your problems. For the cases of male infertility, the easy technique to be suggested is IUI, but due to its low success rate we recommend to opt for more advanced and promising technique of IVF.

Infertility causes severe mental stress to the couple and when they opt for techniques of ART, there may be chances of confusion and mistake in choosing correct centre and successful technology.
Here I will discuss about IUI and IVF and try to resolve the confusion related to choosing of perfect technique for successful treatment.

Selection of test centre:

For those couple, who adopt Artificial Reproductive Technique (ART), they need to know whether the problem is in male or female partner and then the choice of centre is very important for them for the successful treatment. It should be considered that the centre must be easy to reach and you should be confident and comfortable with the doctor and staff.
Intrauterine Insemination:

It is the first to opt technique in male infertility and obscure infertility. During ovulation the best quality of sperm (separated from dead, less dynamic and poorly textured sperms) are selected and artificially injected into the uterus through a thin catheter. This method is mainly adopted for single women, female couples and men whose sperm is not fertile.

In-vitro Fertilization:

It is beneficial in both male and female. Generally, only 1 egg is formed per cycle, while in the IVF process, medicines and injections are given to enhance the production of no. of eggs in women’s ovary. This process is being monitored by different tests and scans. When the egg is formed they are removed and kept in a balanced temperature and environment in the laboratory. After this sperms are selected and the process of fertilization is performed in lab. The chance of fertilization in IVF is higher than that of IUI. After fertilization, till the development of embryo, development process and quality is being monitored and then the foetus is implanted into the uterus of women. The success rate likely to be achieved is more than 70%.

Difference between IUI &IVF:

IUI is less expensive but less unsuccessful, IVF is more expensive but more effective.
The quality of embryo in IUI cannot be tested but in IVF it can be tested.
The possibility of multiple births in the IUI is more likely to endanger the health of both mother and child, IVF is less likely to have multiple births in today's time, more likely to birth healthy offspring.
Frequent IUI failure causes mental, physical and economic damage, while there is less hospital visits in IVF and more successful rates.
IUI's success rate is also a maximum of 20 percent at a young age, while even at a higher age in IVF, success is much higher.
Pregnancy after menopause is not possible in IUI treatment but can be made a mother in IVF.
For a couple fighting with the situation of infertility, the only thing matter is to get better success rate of the treatment irrespective of the sense of the technique used. For such couples I would recommend to go for the process of IVF technique. It is the best as recommended by our fertility expert.

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