Many women can achieve more sensual lips like that of Angelina Jolie's without visiting a plastic surgeon. From the runways to leading fashion magazines celebrities and models prove to the world that you can have sexier, pouty, smoother lips. While many women desire to have this valuable feature, not all may want to go through painful injections that may disfigure their looks.

Lip picking seems like immature habit while it is a pointer to an underlying problem in an individual. It not only disfigures your lips but interferes with your sexy look! Almost everyone experiences dry and chapped lips especially during episodes of illness and high fever. In such state, the lip becomes flaky and tends to peel. More often than not we trust our body to heal naturally whereas other people decide to pick the dead tissues on their own. This action may turn to a lifelong habit and incredibly hard to stop triggering other damages to the lips.

Achieving a sexier lip
There are short-term and long-term lip plumpers. The short term ones give immediate satisfaction for about two or so hours depending on the product. When using long term lip plumpers, results are permanent and may cost slightly higher than the temporary solutions. Lip plumping products have a tingling effect on the lips. Other users experience redness and itchiness on the lips. Alternatively, you can get pouty lips by using home-based resources available to you.

For you to get the sexiest lips understand the type of lips you have. We have uneven lips, thin lower lip, oval lips, thin upper lip, Downturned lips, small lips and sharp lips. The type of lips will determine how you perform lip plumping process to achieve a sexy look. Each type of lip requires corrective measures for that kind of lip to balance the makeup.

Causes of Lip picking

Effects of lip picking

  • Peeling the skin causes it to bleed.
  • Lips crack like craters
  • Lips hurt

How to stop picking your lips?

  • Self-awareness
  • Understand a few things about yourself for example when and why you are picking your lips, the frequency at which you are doing it and the length of time you spend picking. Span out the “zones”. Once you know what makes you pick your lips, you can forgive yourself when you give in.
  • Harness what motivates you then you will train yourself to stop picking like watching the moving you love not the one you fear.
  • Stay busy and engage yourself in productive activities that consume your energy so that you don't focus on your lips
  • Use products that keep your lips moist all the time
    Seek support from friends, family and professionals
  • Stay optimistic all the time
  • Exfoliation is not the best option as it can cause further damage to already chapped lips instead apply a lot of balm or ointment to smoothen the lips. Try thick lip balms. If the lips have no serious harm, then you can exfoliate at least once a week to help dissolve the dead tissues before you start picking them
  • Treatments involving eucalyptus, menthol or camphor can irritate the skin so stay away from them.
  • Other plant-based products also cause allergies to some people so find out before using them example beeswax, Shea butter or soybean
  • Consult a dermatologist if lip picking habit persists. A chap that doesn’t heal also requires a doctor’s attention even after regular use of balm this could point to another health problem.

Dry and chapped lips contribute to dead tissues around the lip area, therefore, creating an opportunity for lip picking. Given this, it is better to moisturize the lip area because dehydration as one of the leading causes of dryness. Continue drinking water on a daily basis with a balanced diet. Start the day with a glass or two of water to keep your body hydrated. Unattractive lips could throw your relationship into jeopardy especially when they suffer from lip picking. There are so many lip plumping products that can support sexy lips from lip balms, gloss to the use of scrubs for proper lip care.

Many men all over the world adore women with big lips. Now exaggerated lips are trending from fashion magazines to runways. Many people want to show off their lips even when they are faking it. There are both home remedies and surgical operations that are awesome for plumping lips. You can enhance natural lips to sexy pouty lips. Lip plumping products are all over in the market you have to make a wise choice to pick what works for you. There are inexpensive natural options but temporary, on the other hand, you can get permanent lip plumpers which are more costly.


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