Well, are you?

I mean, why would you do that?

Intuition is like our built-in GPS for navigating life.

Why would you disregard clear instructions from your GPS – a device specifically made to tell you how to get where you want to go?

One word.


You block it because your intuition is asking you to change something you don’t really want to change.

Unhappy in your marriage? You get that nagging feeling something isn’t right. Like this isn’t quite how you envisioned it. And that feeling won’t go away, will it?

That’s your GPS telling you “Hey, this relationship is not serving your path, purpose and higher self. How about looking for ways to exit it with loving kindness?”

Still, you ignore that nudge.

And wonder why you have this vague sense of unease that no amount of eating, buying stuff or trips to the therapist will fix.

It’s your GPS sending out warning signals. Not the “Danger Will Robinson” kind but more of the “Are you sure you want this?” kind.

You ignore it. Smash it down with more food, things you buy on sale at Kohl’s, or even some other just-as-destructive behavior.


Because your higher self is asking you to change something that won’t be easy.

Telling your spouse that you’re unhappy only to realize that they’re not all that invested in changing things is hard to accept. It can mean a whole lot of things – they don’t care enough, they’re not willing to get out of their comfort zone …. lots of reasons for it.

And then it’s on YOU to make the hard choice to leave. Which stinks, really, because you have a nice, albeit not-very-fulfilling life. You like the way things are. If only your partner would change then things would be great.

Yeah, no. Things don’t work that way.

You are the only one who can change YOUR life.

Here’s the thing: It’s okay to feel the fear. It’s okay to acknowledge that you’re scared. It’s all okay to hang out in that knowing for a bit. You don’t have to act immediately.

But that nudge, that voice, that knowing will only get louder even if you try to shut it down with food, spending, drinking, etc.

It will.

Until you can’t ignore it anymore.

Until the Universe smacks you hardcore on the head and says “NO! You are going down the wrong path. You must make this decision now.”

And you really don’t want to get to that place.

So, listen to that voice.

If you don’t want to hear what it says, ask yourself why.

Ask yourself what it means for you if you decide to follow that nudge. Ask what about it scares the hell out of you.

Start listening even if you’re scared to act.

That’s the very first step to aligning with your path.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Wechtenhiser is a gifted intuitive with a very clear channel to your team of Guides and Teachers in Spirit, AND a very pragmatic and resourceful coach.

She offers support and guidance to help you:

• Achieve real clarity on what your heart longs for in your life
• Create an Action Plan to achieve your most heartfelt priorities
• Clear the life-long patterns that are in your way
• Receive support in being able to focus on the positive
• Stretch outside your comfort zone
• Find and express your authentic voice
• Experience more meaning and purpose
• Design a life that you love!

Lisa blogs, teaches and does intuitive readings at PracticallyIntuitive.com.

Guidance IS important but it's putting that guidance into action that really makes the big changes! What do you want to change in YOUR life?