I Wonder if you think of these things…

What would happen if you no longer had any friends or family around to remind you how important you are to them?

What if you had a job where you know how unimportant you are and how easily you could be replaced by another unimportant person?

What if everywhere you went you were just another face in the crowd, unnoticed.

What if the only thing you ever really accomplished in life was to “show up”?
An Insight:

Someone recently reminded me of what self-importance is and how it is sometimes demonstrated. I had a contractor do some work for me. An emergency circumstance occurred that he had to attend to that I was not made aware of. All I knew was he left my job unfinished with no explanation.

So when I contacted him, I was greeted with the ever pending answering machine. I did leave him an urgent message to get back with me and provide an explanation as to why he didn’t finish the job.

When he contacted me, he was upset with me! He immediately started by proclaiming how important he is. After I negotiated a truce, he finally explained about the emergency.
The Lesson:

There is nobody that is more or less important than anyone else. What makes us feel important is how others treat us. Some people strive to receive adoration. Some manipulate others to gain followers. Some have created a grandiose self-image. And some will live in misery to attract the attention it provides. All of these create a sense of self-importance. Mostly it is delusional.

The most consistent things about important people is what they do for others. They don’t need to do it loudly or from a pedestal. The just do it. They don’t need appreciation or adoration. Sometimes their actions go unnoticed. And knowing they are important people is not something that is meaningful to their egos.

I guess you could say that describes my wife. She is important to many people. She is relentless at helping others, as well as doing nice things for me. When I tell her she is important, she will usually reply, “That’s nice.”
Another reality:

There are plenty of people all around you that have lost their sense of importance. Take the moment to seek them out during this Holiday Season. Let them know they are important. It may be the most meaningful thing they have heard all year.

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