Are You in a Dead End Job That Makes You Feel Dead Inside? 10 Ways to Help You Move On!

Being in a job like this is like being in a cage with the gate open. You know you can leave but fear (perhaps of loss of income, benefits, something new or different) keeps you from walking out. Being in a job like this drains you of your energy, preventing you from doing things to allow you to move on. When these jobs leave you with no autonomy or ability to be creative and learn new skills, to basically grow personally and professionally, it might be time to leave.
If you are stuck in your job for whatever reasons, see my other blog entries as well, as you will need them to survive. For those of you who are planning your exit here are some survival tips until you set yourself free:

1.Plan. Get your resume together. Dream of what you want to do. Dream big.

2.Research. Look into jobs and training you will need. See what is out there and what you have to do.

3.Apply for jobs. Network network network.

4.If you plan to start your own business, make your business plan and start it while working at your job, unless you can afford to quit. Most can’t afford to do so and will have to balance the business planning, meetings, networking with the job and home life. Perhaps you will start your business in the fall so you can recoup most of your expenses during tax time. Then you will have money saved or more to invest in your business.

5.Take care of yourself. You will be busier no matter what you choose to do. Eat healthy, exercise, sleep enough and play. Schedule time to decompress and de-stress. Create a schedule for time spent at your job, new venture, time for yourself and time with those who are important to you. Think quality over quantity here.

6.If not starting your own business, find something that gives you meaning and a sense of purpose, and while looking for a more fulfilling job, and put energy into those things rather than wasting it on feeling helpless. You might also want to invest in some continuing education or training to enhance your skills or learn new ones.

7.You might find yourself thinking of changing career fields. Be careful that you are not reacting to burnout from your current job and life situation. If you do want to change fields, then get the training you will need for that. If your job reimburses for tuition, smile knowing you are getting something meaningful from the company, and gaining new skills that will enable you to leave.

8.Get support from friends, family, spiritual groups, online supports etc. Talk to other co-workers that might be feeling the same way, but be careful not to fuel each others’ negativity and focus on solutions.

9.If you are really stressing out, and it is negatively impacting other areas of your life, such as family, marriage, health…you might want to consult a professional. A psychologist can help you sort out what is burn out vs. other stressors in your life and the best course of action to take.

10.Remember to laugh and have fun. You have already concluded that it is a dead end job, but don’t want to burn any bridges. You also don’t want to invest any energy into the job that you don’t have to. Do what is required and balance your time so you can forge ahead.

Know that you are not trapped like you think. Do something for yourself. Take it day by day. Have things in your life outside of work to look forward to. Cut people out of your life, or at least limit time spent with those who drag you down and don’t support your ambitions. When irritated or feeling down refocus on what you are heading toward. Remember that everything is temporary. Know that you are creating the life you will soon be living.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Umfer is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialization in forensic and military psychology, meditation instruction and hypnotherapy. Visit to learn more.