I can safely assume that the majority of my readers do not rank in the top 5% of their class, their performance, or their success. If that was not the case, then you would not be coming here to learn the tools to get ahead in life, and to gain your competitive edge. And if you are in that top 5%, well kudos to you for being there. Now, in order to stay in the top 5%, you have something to gain here too.

What about me ...!

Let’s start with school. For many of you, school starts soon. Here comes another year for you to be intimidated by the top 5% that Ace every test without breaking a sweat. Are you tired of spending all the long hours reading or speed reading, creating outlines to map the information, study groups, taking mock exams, tutoring, and other things just to pass your exams with a moderate grade?

After all that effort, you don’t have time to do anything else. You may even give up sleep for your study time. When it comes to test time, you sit there thinking about all the time and effort you spent to pass this test – the stress piles up. The test arrives, you look at it, and it appears that it is in Greek; and you don’t know Greek. You’re sweating profusely as you take the exam. How well do you think you did? Oh…

This scenario plays out all across the planet every day of the week. What makes you think that you can be like the guy sitting next to you? The one you always see hanging out with his friends, having a good time. He has plenty of time to enjoy life. He never studies. He just sits down, takes the test, and is always the first one done. That’s NOT FAIR!
What can I do?

So, how can you turn this around? How can you be in the top 5%? What are you willing to do to get there? Are you tired of getting compared to “that great achiever”?

What if you are in a professional or competitive environment? Really it is not much different from the school environment you knew. And just like school, there seems to be that “natural” go getter that everything seems to fall his way. Maybe it is even that same guy from school; the one you couldn’t keep up with. WOW! This really isn’t fair now.

So finally you get fed up with not being able to compete with those “great achievers” out there. So you decide you are going to make yourself better. Maybe you go back to school, or go to positive motivational seminars, or get involved with groups that have intellectual pursuits. There are a million things you can do. At least do something.

But all of these things tend to take TIME. Time really is not on your side. Sure you are out there doing something to make yourself better, but you don’t really see things happening at the speed you need them to happen. So every time you look in the mirror, you still see the “loser” within. That is not the way it is meant to happen.

(Now I don’t want you to feel bad if this relates to what you are experiencing in your heart. Psychologists will tell you that most people do exactly that. It is because we judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else would judge us.)

Now I am going to give you something to think about. Whether it be your schoolwork, your job, relationships, or just about anything else you need to change or improve; you need a superior source of information. What I mean by a superior source of information is NOT the information itself. It is how you receive and use the information. If you do not get quality information quickly, then you cannot be your best. You cannot be the outstanding person you want to be.

Beyond speed reading speeds there is a much faster, all-natural way to take in information and learn at light speed – Mental Photography, or ZOXing. It gives you information at incredible speed as it taps into your misplaced eidetic or photographic memory. Don’t worry. You still have the ability to use your photographic memory. Other people exercise it for you daily, like subliminal advertisers.

Here is another aspect that will completely change the way you even look at learning. It is highly beneficial to Mental Photography and living life to its fullest.
Change Your Mind …

If you want to change yourself to be a more positive successful person, you need something that is going to change your mind. No, not a suggestion that turns NOs into YESs. You need something that will totally change the way you operate. In your world you are probably living in a very un-eventful and un-successful life. You want to change all that. Whatever this thing is, you need to be the one controlling it. You need to be at the helm. You must learn to manage your brain and take control of your mind!

You can demonstrate to yourself a perception of how you see the world. Here is what to do: Hold your finger up in front of you. Look directly at it. Without moving your eyes or your head, notice how wide your field of vision is. In other words, without moving your eyes, how far to the right and left do you see? Whatever your field of vision sees is called your peripheral vision.

Most people find their peripheral vision is narrow. This is also the way those people see the world – with a narrow view. They are narrow minded people. If you are narrow minded, it directly impacts on your ability to see the possibilities, or the solutions you need.

Since peripheral vision can be increased to 180 – 230 degrees, how much of your world are you NOT seeing? Likewise, your mind is limited to receiving a much smaller amount of information that it is capable of, so you cannot perceive the greatness you have inside of you.

If you want change, you must OPEN YOUR EYES!

So, what does peripheral vision, seeing your world differently, changing your mind, and being in control of your brain have to do with your ability to perform as well as the other guy in the top 5%?

(Think about it.)

Increasing peripheral vision is so important that all of our trainings teach you to open your peripheral vision. It is that important for you.
Great things happen here!

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