As I am contemplating the idea of “Heaven” and “Hell”, as taught by my Islamic religion growing up, I couldn’t help but rethink my religious beliefs and ask myself questions. Is there really a “Heaven” and “Hell” waiting for us when we die? Is God going to punish me for my sins and let me burn in Hell fire for eternity? Would God as the supreme King do such a thing to his “slave”? Would a loving God do that to his “proclaimed child” as a Father? The truth is that human beings are very good at punishing themselves without God’s help.

Let me explain.

I remember “punishing“ myself several times throughout my life without the help of God. As a matter of fact, I did a very good job with the help of my mind, which we know can be our most powerful ally, or our worst enemy.

For instance, when I worry, not only am I using my imagination against myself, but I start stressing out, then I get depressed when the solution doesn’t show up; and then I fall back into my victim mentality, I start blaming and pointing fingers at others instead of looking at myself and going within.

When I fall into “victim hood”, my mind becomes my worst enemy, it brings up all my negative emotions, my fear, my guilt, my anger and resentment, as a result, I experience pain and suffering dwelling in punishment land for a while until I make a shift.

Can you think of a time when you believed you did something “wrong” or a time when you thought that you committed a sin? What happened?

Did you make yourself miserable, scared, worried, angry, depressed? If you believe in Hell, you probably saw yourself hanging out with Satan in the flames of Hell… which can make you sick, very sad and unhappy; now that is self-punishment, God didn’t need to come down and inflict punishment on you, you did it to yourself!

I will have you consider that FEAR, RESISTANCE, WORRY, GUILT, HATRED, ANGER, DEPRESSION, UNHAPPINESS,LACK OF FORGIVENESS, RESENTMENT are all forms of self-punishment which you inflict on yourself, therefore you create your own “Hell on Earth”!

I used to be a very stubborn child and my mother used to beat me when I did “stupid” things. So being the warrior child I was, knowing that I would be punished anyway; I used to seek adventures that would get me into trouble, and afterwards I would anticipate the punishment mentally; my mind would play memories of previous beatings and I would literally start to feel my mother’s hands or the belt that she used to beat me on my body; then I would worry and torture myself mentally, before she even put her hands on me; WOW that is self-punishment before the punishment, insane but it’s true. Why do we do that?

Now, we do the same thing with God, before “he punishes us“ which I don’t believe he will; we literally punish ourselves. If we do not love ourselves, or feel like we are worthy, or good enough; we punish ourselves, we live in lack, scarcity, despair, misery, poverty, and we are punishing ourselves because we feel like that’s what we really deserve on a deep unconscious level.

We are powerful creators and divine beings! It is possible for us to shift our self-punishing mindset to a mindset of self-love, joy and happiness. To stop the insanity of punishing ourselves. It is our divine right to be abundant, happy and joyful, to love ourselves and be very kind and gentle with ourselves. When we learn how to do that, our life, our relationships with our spouse, with our loved ones, and everyone will flourish and transform into “Heaven on Earth”!!!

We just have to make a CHOICE and decide to release, heal and transmute our anger, resentment, pain, worry, fear, and guilt, into self-love, light and healing. The question is; Are you ready to stand up for yourself and start living the life that makes your heart sing?!

Leave me a comment below; I would love to hear your insights, so speak your mind!

Remember you deserve “HEAVEN on EARTH” and it is only a choice away.

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Love and Gratitude,
Marieme Faye

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