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Here we are again meeting on a beautiful morning sharing our thoughts to loving the life we have, while dreaming of more. Is that the tape that is running in your head? Or is it a more defeating one? I have been using these very questions with many aspects of my life.

Let’s look at these questions:

** Are you holding on to your dreams and hopes if or when you have more money?

** Are you holding on to your dreams and hopes if or when you have more time?

** Are you holding on to your dreams and hopes if or when you feel better about yourself?

** Are you holding on to your dreams and hopes if or when you have boyfriend or girlfriend?

** Are you holding on to your dreams and hopes if or when you have (fill in the blank) _____________?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you have some thinking to do. In addition, we must realize where we are placing the responsibility for OUR happiness on an if or when on something else, but ourselves...It is solely our own, no one else has this power for OUR life.

Example: I would be much happier if we had more time to spend with our kids! or If others wouldn't bother me so much I would be less crabby. When I have more money I will sit back and enjoy my life.

Hello!?!?! Today is here now... it's the best time for all. This loving of today will help you move to the dreams of tomorrow.

The key to start attracting more in our lives is to take the first step to look within ourselves. Do you find yourself saying, "I will be much happier if my boss wasn’t a jerk"? Or if everything was less stressful? Often, there are many excuses that fly out of our mouths or pop into our minds. Who is the common denominator? The hard pill to swallow is US! I have been there and decided to swallow this bitter pill a few times in my life. It took me to be at the end of my options and tired of feeling unhappy or unfulfilled.

I had to look within to start a changing journey inside of Merna!

Where do you start? I can almost hear this question out loud as I am writing here, because I have asked the same questions in life. It starts with you! Remember – just KISS; keep it simple stupid! This is a saying I heard many, many years ago and it still rings in my head at times. Often, WE are the culprits that make our life passionless and hopeless. Each of us has the options to start today and make a better feeling life for ourselves. Think of it like ripples in a pond. When our core starts feeling better it will affect each other area of life.

This is where a personal relationship/life coach can help you break down your own barriers. They are the objective person to set the stage for you so you see what housecleaning needs to be done - without judgment!

The first perfect stepping-stone is starting your own personal journal and begin writing in it daily. To start making change we must first see what needs to change. One large ingredient in our fuel daily is our inner voice. Our inner voice is the voice of our self-esteem. How is yours?

I will leave you with that for today. I would love to hear about your journals any time. Drop us a note from time to time........

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Merna Throne is The Inner Voice Vixen: "A Heart with an Edge!" who believes all our answers lie within us today!

She is an Author, and a Super Success Coach & (LifeStyle Coach) Trainer™. Even though her personal self-worth journey began in 1986, her career in the personal development industry as a LifeStyle Coach began in 2004. She has guided thousands of men and women to healthier ground in life and relationships with her work. Her mission is to assist you to tap into your personal power you were born with and catapult life starting with today!

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