In Hong Kong, there is an old saying which is “Wu Wei”
which means “Take No Action that is Contrary to Nature”.

Are You Living Your Life According to the Spiritual Process of Wu Wei?

Hong Kong is a very interesting place, it’s a bustling center of commerce yet at the same time it’s one of the most advanced areas for nature conservancy and commitment to healing the environment on the planet. They spend more on preventing environmental challenges than they do trying to fix problems that come up later… because they didn’t take action. And all this has to do with the philosophy of Wu Wei which is also a spiritual way of life. Nature is also part of the Tao… so it’s important to live of life according to the Tao.

Are you being proactive in your spiritual growth so you don’t have a crisis?

When we are proactive in our spiritual life we see everything from a spiritual point of view. We notice the Tao in everything we do, including our thinking which can be in accordance with the Tao, our actions which can be in accordance with the Tao, our ways of living life which can be in accordance with the Tao… all of this creates harmony. And living life in harmony creates happiness.

Are You Living in Harmony with All Things?

Are you living your life in harmony with the Tao? Living in harmony brings about a balance the of the Yin and Yang. Imbalance creates disease, emotional upheaval, a lack of happiness, challenges in all relationships, a lack of prosperity, and lots of challenges in every aspect of our life. Most people are not in balance at all, and are not happy… but that can change.

Ask This Simple Question

When making a decision, or taking actions, or thinking thoughts… ask one question. Is this in harmony with the Tao… the Creator… am I creating balance in all things? If the answer is “YES”… then move forward, if not, then make some changes to be in balance with the Tao.

Thus you can live your life in harmony with all things and be happy.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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