He’s struggling with the choice of you, or his ex, or someone new that he’s met. What do you do?

The best advice I can offer in this situation, in order to win him completely, is be the one who makes him feel like a worthy man. There are two Secrets about men that are of utmost importance, and which most women do not know about.
The first is, you must use Feminine Grace always. That means keep your over emotional reactions to yourself, or share with a trusted girlfriend who has read Men Made Easy, so she understands how the Secrets work.

Here are some more tips on using Feminine Grace:
Be gracious.
Communicate with your heart.
Expect him to treat you with respect and consideration.
When you behave in this way, you will be on your way to making him feel good to be around you.

Then, the second most important Secret about men, and the 12th in Men Made Easy, is to make him feel like a man. Few women know about this Secret. They do this in the beginning of a relationship because they’re enthusiastic about a new man. But once they become comfortable in their relationship, they tend to start making him feel like LESS of a man, not more. HUGE, huge mistake. This is the deal breaker for most men. Men don’t realize this is what’s going on but think about it, what man wants to be around a woman who makes him feel bad about himself, like he’s a failure?

If you know how to use my Secrets about men, you’ll begin to naturally make him feel amazing. He’ll then begin to associate those feelings with you, you won’t be throwing your drama at him, and he’ll realize you’re a rare treasure.
How do you make him feel like a man?
Here are a just a few ways. Let him know:
How good a man you think he is;
How considerate he is;
How smart you think he is;
How strong he is;
How capable he is;
Why? Because he wants to be your hero and this will tell him he is.

By the way, if he isn’t someone you can appreciate, then he’s not the man for you.

When he starts to get good feelings whenever he’s around you, then he will be drawn to you like bees to their favorite flower.

This does not mean to wait on him like you’re a servant. It’s more a matter of appreciation of who he is as a man. Sure, it’s okay to do things for him, but do so by telling him you enjoy doing those things because you respect him as a man, as appreciation for all he does for you. Then he will feel good, AND want to continue to do those things.

But be sure and focus on the goal, even to the point where you see yourself in a happy, loving relationship, rather on the pain of him being interested in another woman. Focus on the pain, and you WILL get ugly, meaning upset, whiny, irritating…and you will make him feel bad, rather than good.
You want to have him associate good feelings when he thinks of you. Remember, he feels successful when you are happy, and like a failure when you are unhappy. Simple, but not always easy to do. Men Made Easy will help you accomplish your goal of having a man who cherishes and adores you. That’s what we all want, isn’t it?

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