Hiring mistakes can cost you a lot of time and money, even if you’re only hiring contract-based virtual assistants.

These common hiring mistakes apply from your first VA all the way to your team with lots of full time employees.

1. Their Job Descriptions Aren’t Clear – If you want them to do a little of everything, but you still want to have your hands in everything, chances are, you’re going to bump heads and waste time. And of course, time is money. Define what they will do really specifically, allowing that to evolve as you go.

2. Forgetting Your Network – When you want to hire someone new, your first thought is usually your preferred job board. But often, your business partners, colleagues and friends are a better source for the best people. (And remember, you can always come to me to help you find the right fit.) That can allow you to bypass mediocre candidates quickly and hire a VA who fits the culture and the job well.

3. Rushing the Hiring Process – Don’t forget to ask for references and call them. Then give them a short trial before formally bringing them on board. Contract a small project or two with them before giving them full access to your systems and investing in getting them up to speed on everything.

4. Only hiring generalists – Jacks (or Jills) of all trades can be great, but once your team grows beyond one general VA, your money is better spent on specialists who will be more efficient with their time because they have the knowledge and experience to do the job quickly.

5. Expecting them to know as much as you do – There’s only one you – the person who knows everything about the business inside and out because you built it from the basement up. You can use that to your advantage, getting an unbiased, clean slate perspective as you get them up to speed on everything there is to know. That can be a lengthy process, but don’t rush it. It can add value if you let it.

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