One Huge Mistake I Commonly See Being Made by Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers and Other Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs When Setting Up An Online Business

There is one huge mistake I see heart-centered entrepreneurs making over and over in their business and it's stopping them from creating a successful business.

What is this one mistake?

It's not taking the time to create the right mindset for business success.

If you are living with the belief that you are some kind of fraud who is not capable of helping others, your prospective clients will sense it and it will stop them from signing on for your products and services.

What is the cure for this stigma?

First of all, it involves getting clear on your value and that of your gift. So many times when I talk to a potential client for the first time, we uncover this lingering doubt. What it boils down to is feeling unworthy.

Most heart-centered entrepreneurs have endured some trials and tribulations in their lives - and most have overcome great obstacles. But they do not come out of this without some war wounds.

When they are first starting out, many times it is out of necessity, not because they finally made the decision to come out of hiding. Either they have lost a job, are having trouble keeping or getting a job that pays the bills, and some have been through a relationship breaking up or the loss of a loved one.

This is not the most confident place to start from - I understand that. So many times I hear some variation of, "I feel like a fraud, my life is such a mess." I have to admit, I started from much the same place myself.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself that will help you get a little clearer view of what you're working with:

1) What obstacles have you overcome in your lifetime?
2) Are you 10 steps ahead of where you started? (If you are, you're also 10 steps ahead of someone else.)
3) What would you be saying to your best friend if she came to you with these same fears and doubts?
4) What value do you have to offer your clients - how will you be able to change their life for the better?

(Getting super clear on this last point will go along way toward assuaging the doubts eating away at you).

This phenomenon that is so prevalent with heart-centered entrepreneurs is what I like to call their "Inner Dragon." It's when they know they have a gift to share and they're feeling called to help people, but for whatever reason they're not doing it.

Most times it is fear holding them back. Fear of the unknown, fear of losing the stability working for someone else offers them, or fear that they will be seen as the fraud they feel they really are.

This is the reason I created the definitive guidebook for heart-centered entrepreneurs, "Tame Your Inner Dragon: 7 Essential Tips Every Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Need for Setting Up online Quickly so You Can Attract Clients and Grow Your Business. You can grab a free copy ($19.97 value) at

Another mistake I see being made often is this:

Unless you are in a position where you have enough money saved up, or enough income from your heart-centered business to live off for a year, I highly recommend not quitting your day job. Here is why...

The quickest way to grow your business is to invest in the most important aspect of your business; that would be YOU.

If you can afford to get some business coaching or consulting, it will make all the difference in how long it takes you to reach some pinnacle of business success. I know it was really hard for me to hear this when I was first starting out, but I always knew it was true. It struck a chord in my heart that I knew was truth.

It wasn't until I finally made the decision to sign on for coaching myself that I began to be able to get out of my own way and the majority of the time, that's what I see with my clients. I have also heard it far too many times from other successful heart-centered entrepreneurs to believe it may be limited to my own experience.

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Merry Wise is the creator of the award-winning where she teaches coaches, consultants, service providers and other heart-centered entrepreneurs the basics of setting up an online business. She is a Business Specialist and Coach committed to helping The Awakened Femmepreneur develop the right mindset + take action to create the business they dream of.