What is soul success? It is the kind of success that stems from the yearnings and desires of your limitless, eternal self. It is the kind of success that is free from any external madness or superficial requirements. It makes you feel alive! It energizes your spirit and reminds you of your true purpose. It taps into the vast and infinite nature of who you are and creates new pathways for creative expression, growth, and fulfillment.

Are you aware of the kind of success you are focused on generating? Are you aware of the power that you have to manifest new opportunities in your life? Are you aware of the thought patterns that play a large role in determining that you attract into your life?

It is estimated that the average human has around 50,000 thoughts every single day, but 99% of them are exactly the same as we had yesterday. These thought patterns can become so ingrained that they form attitudes and beliefs – either negative or positive. Most often, we aren’t even aware that we’re forming these limiting patterns with our thoughts, emotions, and expectations. When we’re caught up in cycles of negative thinking, we can end up living our life in an unconscious negative state, never challenging our thoughts or what’s going on around us when we should be pro-actively creating our lives the way we’d like them.

One of the most important tools for changing the way we think about our lives is the conscious act of opening our minds up to the limitless manifestation possibilities available to us. Anyone who believes that they are stuck in their current circumstances due to their upbringing, education, parents or past experiences is limiting themselves greatly. By choosing to tap into the power of the creative force of their mind and realize the freedom that they have to choose their thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and actions- they can begin to create their destiny on purpose. This paves the way for true soul success.

Only WE can create the life we’ve always dreamed of… no one can do it for us. To live as a “rich” or “wealthy” individual, it’s important to first define the words. The words have different meanings to different people. Our definition of these words impacts the range of choices we allow ourselves. True, authentic success that includes feeling wealthy and rich flows from the inside-out. It is not measured by the accumulation of external objects. It is felt from within and it naturally permeates every area of our lives with ease and grace. Soul success is an inside job. Nothing in the material world has the power to make us feel soulfully successful. No amount of money, power, or prestige will ever be enough to satisfy that inner thirst for spiritual fulfillment.

Examine the kind of success YOUR soul craves. Is this the kind of success you are currently expecting and experiencing? If not, all it takes it awareness, a shift in your intentions, and positive action that supports a new, more authentic model of success that is perfectly in alignment with your spirit.

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Working with me as your coach is unique. I say this because I've been in this industry for over 17 years. I combine my educational and professional background in counseling psychology, my energy medicine and wellness/fitness background with my life and business coaching certification and skills, my broadcasting skills as the host of the "Create Change Now" Radio Show, and blend that with my history as a best selling personal development author and my spiritual awareness and deep intuitive skills (heightened after my neath death experience 15 years ago) to help you shift from limitation to expansion in every area of your life. I love watching my clients as they thrive and flourish in ways they never even imagined. My approach as a life and business coach is a HOLISTIC (BODY, MIND, SPIRIT) one. This provides the balance and awareness I feel is essential to creating lasting fulfillment and success that flows from the inside-out. Your expansion awaits!

Credentials: Bachelor of Arts Degree: Psychology/Sociology, Masters in Counseling Psychology, Certified Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified Business Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Human Physiology and Exercise Science Expertise, Certified Personal Trainer with ACE. Certified/Attuned to Reiki I and II, Metaphysics, Certified in Hypnotherapy, International Mentor, Award-Winning Author of 5 books, including the Best-Seller: Create Change Now, Broadcaster/Host of Create Change Now Radio Show

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