Outdated business practices slow productivity and reduce customer trust, making a company seem far less credible. A business that can’t accept credit cards or uses pen and paper to log appointments can hold itself back, for instance, when upgrading a few simple things could make all the difference.

Cloud computing has made it easy for businesses of all sizes to compete on a global level. Previously you would have been required to purchase at least one server, multiple pieces of software, and experienced professionals to install and troubleshoot. Today you can subscribe to cloud-based services for a low monthly fee and have all of your storage and software needs provided. Here are a few ways cloud technology can save your business money.

More Productive Employees
Your workers are your most important asset, but outdated processes slow them down. With cloud solutions in place, they may be able to automate their more laborious tasks, including copying information from multiple software sources. Cloud solutions can also be accessible from anywhere, allowing them to work for home or while on the road without going through a time-consuming process. Employees are more likely to enjoy their work when they aren’t forced to spend all day doing mundane activities, which can reduce turnover, as well.

Security Breach Prevention
A security breach could cost your business thousands of dollars, as well as doing permanent damage to your reputation. Cloud solutions providers serve numerous businesses, which means they usually have top-quality security measures in place. They also have the resources necessary to attract and retain well-qualified security experts who work hard to protect hardware and software.

Eliminate On-Premise Solutions
Once a business grows beyond two or three employees, its owner faces a serious decision. Applications and files can no longer be saved on computers and mobile devices. Employees will need the ability to share documents and businesses must be able to back up all of their files on a regular basis. In many cases, cloud solutions are a much more affordable alternative to purchasing a server and associated software.

Top-Quality Tech Support
Few small businesses have the extra income necessary to hire full-time desktop support staff. While every business may occasionally have the need to take a device to a local shop for troubleshooting or bring in an hourly support professional, for the most part cloud-supported businesses can get help by making a phone call to the provider.

Affordable Scalability
Few businesses don’t have plans to eventually grow, but in doing so, they can find that their current IT infrastructure doesn’t work. Cloud solutions grow along with your business, supporting new customers and additional software. You can often add on new applications easily, especially if you choose solutions that integrate with others. Over time, you’ll build an environment where all of your applications speak to each other in a way that increases productivity.
Cloud solutions have opened up possibilities for businesses that are interested in growing in an affordable way. By carefully choosing the applications and storage options they purchase, businesses can build a network infrastructure that grows with them, incorporating new employees and customers with ease.

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