If yes is your answer, must read through the article. When writing a blog is your flair, it’s always recommended to publish your ideas to your own brand despite placing your valuable content under any third-party’s name. Owing a brand or name engenders you with a sense of belongingness and freedom. It makes the life really exciting and meaningful.

The article acquaints you the process to publish your foremost blog or website and endowing it a unique name to make it stand out of the lot.

Good and Unique Name:
The first step is to think of a good and unique name for your website or blog. It is one of the trickiest things you need to perform. One important tip is to consider the nature of your blog or website. The name you decide must reflect the basis of your content. Plus it should be easy to remember. Choose short keywords rather long complex phrases.

Purchase Domain Name:
Once finding a good name, the next step is to purchase a domain. There are some domain name providers out there and you have to select the best among the pack. Again, it demands a bit of research work. More or less, these are pretty much the same. The domain names cost between $1 to $10 per year for the first year and then rises up to $ 20 or so for the succeeding years.

Don’t spend more than $5 per year for the initial year of your domain name registration.

Purchase Web Hosting:
It is the crucial step of all. The web hosting service is the storehouse to all your files and folders comprising content and images. Hence, it is critical to find the best web hosting company. Though there are a lot of companies out there, it becomes difficult to pick the right one. The web hosting services are not same, unlike domain name services. You must be assured that the services you’re going to sign up should cater all your present and future needs.

Considering a few important terms such as control panel, bandwidth, storage space, and domain names make your decision more sturdy and helpful.

Now when you have a domain name and an authentic web hosting company, you’re all set to publish your first blog. No website is complete sans the right and reliable web hosting services. It lays the foundation of the website, brand and the business eventually. When you’re targeting customers only through the website, you must impart a pleasant user experience to them. For this, you need to make correct web hosting decisions.

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