If there is one thing that a digital agency, even one that is very experienced, has to make sure it does is to keep an ear to the ground about any updates that Google decides to make. Google makes hundreds of small updates and each one may not have a huge impact on the search engine results. However, updates such as the Panda update which was implemented have a huge effect on Google's rankings and companies in all industries should be aware of this.

Many companies do not have the resources or the knowledge to be able to make the most of these changes and as the importance of promoting your website online grows, search engine optimisation is at the forefront of many marketing managers minds. The question is though, what do you need from your digital marketing agency? The answer largely depends on your knowledge of the industry. If you have worked in the industry and have a basic knowledge then you may want to get involved more often and make suggestions. However, if your marketing background is a traditional based one, you may want to choose an agency that will handle everything for you.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a very specialist skill and being able to do it right can have huge benefit to any company in any sector. On the flip side though, doing it wrong could mean that your hard earned money is wasted so it is vital that you choose a company that can back their statements up. Many agencies may say that it can take a matter of weeks to see real results but the truth is, if a campaign is done to Google's guidelines it may take 3-6 months. With this in mind, if an SEO agency says they are certain to have your site on the first page of Google within weeks, the alarm bells should be ringing straight away.

There seems to be a lot of companies promising the world and if you choose the right one then the benefits that you can see are numerous, so all you have to do is find the right one. If the agency has worked for a company in your sector, this means they are going to have a good understanding of what is needed to push a company's website as the first few weeks of an SEO strategy is spent analysing the market and looking for opportunities.

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