These days triathlons are being organised in all parts of the world. Triathlon is a challenging sports event that puts your stamina and endurance power to test! It is physically demanding and you need to be mentally prepared to go ahead with it. Triathlon is basically a combination of three sports, namely swimming, cycling and running. Any person deciding to participate in a triathlon should train in all these three domains to perform well on the event day. These three sports need to be performed in succession over large distances over a short time span, which is the real test of endurance and agility of the athlete.

Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can start participating in the triathlon event. Triathlons are divided into three groups based on the varying fitness level of people. The three divisions of triathlon include: Sprint, Olympic and Ironman. The Sprint triathlon is well suited for people at beginner’s level, who have just started to participate in the triathlon events. The second type of triathlon- Olympic, is a good pick for people who have advanced from the beginner’s level and are marching quickly towards the level of a pro. This is best for people who have aced the Sprint level and are at a medium level of fitness. Lastly, the Ironman triathlon, this kind of event requires you to cover a large distance across all the events over a short period of time. This is for highly ambitious people who have reached an ultimate level of fitness.

In order to be fully prepared for a triathlon, you need to be absolutely ready for it in terms of having the right apparel, fitted shoes and a bike. As cycling forms an important part of the triathlon event, you need to have a good bike to emerge as a winner. Triathlon bikes are not any normal bikes, but these are specially designed bikes for enhanced performance. They come with different specifications from the normal road bikes, and are a must have to fare well on the event day. In addition to having a good bike for cycling, one must also have a proper swimsuit, goggles, and of course, quality shoes for the racing event. In addition to having a sturdy bike for the triathlon event, it is also vital to have a quality helmet for cycling so as to keep you safe from injuries.

When you are well equipped with all the necessary equipment, then you must start concentrating on your training. It is highly imperative to train well in all the three domains as it will help you perform well in all the three sporting events, essential to win the tournament. Triathlon is one of the most popular multi-sport event all across the world that is used as a benchmark to measure the level of one’s fitness. In this event, each discipline is timed and you need to be constant in your performance in all the three sporting domains to prove your mettle. In a triathlon, the clock starts the moment you enter the water and stops only when you cross the finish line. There is no rest in between the events. This is the thing that makes this sort of sporting event highly challenging and testing.

One may think that training for a triathlon is quite difficult, however, this is not true! You just need to be consistent with your efforts to prepare your body for this mega event. Cross training in all the three sports can greatly enhance your fitness while training your muscles properly for this demanding job. A good training schedule can also reduce the likelihood of being struck by an injury. Triathlon training not only improves your fitness, but is also a fun activity when performed with people sharing the same passion for sports. Training with a group of likeminded individuals can also provide you with the needed motivation to keep you going forward with the training.

One of the most important aspects of triathlon training is preparing for transitions. You need to practice to go from water to road to bicycle. Initially, it may take you time to change from swimsuit and wear running shoes and then putting on a helmet for cycling, but with time you will improve your performance for smooth transitions, which will further result in cutting your total event time. Transition training should never be neglected as it forms an integral part of the triathlon event.

In addition, it also exceedingly vital to supply your body with proper nutrition to keep going for long. When your body is regularly supplied with all the vital nutrients, then it helps you to sustain long hours of training while ensuring an impressive finish on the final event day!

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