Do you want your freedom back?

This is directed to you who may be working for corporations or businesses and would really love the freedom and yet security of working for yourselves. I hear more and more horror stories of businesses who are using these times to let go of people they didn’t like under the guise of cut backs. Businesses who are slashing salaries and commissions, some really need to do these things and some are just doing it.

People are our most precious commodity. People and products are the foundation of any working business. Yes you need great business plans and unique and impressive ways to get the word out about your business and products but the real bottom line is how the people are treated. Would they do anything for you and the company? If yes you are taking good care of them and a good leader. This level of connection creates comfort and freedom to make leaps, to grow and excel. This requires vision and capacity to create healthy environments of trust and support for your business.

These are the same skills needed to excel in life, love and consciousness. Yes it often seems people excel without these values in place. They do but only to a point. They excel in making money they may excel in leadership skills but they are not leaving a legacy that will last after they are gone. They are not creating wellness within themselves nor the people who work for them. Someone told me today that her company was bought out last year by venture capitalists. Neither good nor bad in and of itself yet this company put so much pressure on her boss, whom by the way was the reason she joined this company, that this normally healthy man had a frozen shoulder for a month. Couldn’t shoulder the burned anymore. Finally after three months they just locked him out of the building and gave him three- month severance pay. They didn’t even have the courtesy to tell him in person or by phone of his dismissal. Another friend of mine was let go of a managerial position by email with NO severance.

This is not the way things need to be. Yet starting out on your own is very scary trust me I know I have done it. Now is the time to have support. Ways to support your dreams that should you choose to start or be part of a start up you would not feel alone and floundering through. Does this sound good to you? If yes then I have some things that can do this for you. One easy place is joining Quattro Space .com (can’t put live links in many blogs). Another is I will be doing a live FREE teleseminar on ways you can get support. I wished I had this as I blundered through throwing money every which way trying to see what would serve me. I would like you to have a straighter path to the Wealth, Wellness, Leadership and Legacy components than I did.
If this interests you opt in on my blog, or my web sites.

Service is one of the biggest bonuses of the Internet world and how to find the real service people. Service is what having a business is about. Serve your dreams, serve yourself and be able to serve others. This allows you to be able to create your dreams, which are always bigger than your survival.

I will promise you two things I will give you people and links that will help you. I will invite you to free calls that will have offerings that will support you. I will let you know about products that I and others I trust have found useful in this journey to freedom. My teacher always said, “There is no freedom which is free there is no liberation without labor.” This is true and with help we can make it a more joyous journey to the fulfillment of your dreams. For once our dreams are alive and well in the world we have more time and energy to devote to serving others.

I look forward to serving you. I look forward to knowing what your dreams are and how those dreams can be born to uplift this planet.


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