There’s only one month left in 2015. So I’ve put together a list of my top 20 ways to manage your time, get it all done, and stay on track without getting overwhelmed between now and New Year’s.

1. Slow down and focus on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking isn’t going to get it done faster and certainly not better.
2. Create a plan for your day, giving yourself enough time to get each thing done.
3. Remember that how busy and stressed you are is a choice. Choose calm and focused.
4. Do a time audit and see how you can use your time better.
5. Forget perfection. Good enough is good enough.
6. Only focus on your top priorities. Everything else can wait.
7. Cut back on meetings when you can. Before you schedule, try to accomplish it in an email or see if it can wait until January.
8. Leave a time buffer in between tasks, so you won’t feel overwhelmed if you take longer than expected to get something done.
9. Don’t forget down time. It will make the rest of your time more efficient and less stressful.
10. Minimize distractions like email notifications.
11. Schedule your social media promotion all in one big chunk of time, so you aren’t spending half an hour on it every day.
12. Stop reinventing the wheel. Use and re-use as often as you can.
13. Place external parameters on your time. If you feel accountable to others for getting projects done, it’s more likely to happen.
14. Don’t let your inbox run your day. Check email two to three times only during the workday.
15. Take breaks. And use them wisely.
16. Plan how you start your workday the night before. Either make it the most important task or the easiest task. Don’t even look at email until it’s done.
17. Write a few blog posts at once and schedule them out for the next few weeks.
18. Stop comparisons to other business owners, parents, family members, and anyone else as soon as they start to pop into your head. They will only drag you down!
19. Set limits on the time you spend on Facebook and stick to the limit you give yourself.
20. Delegate when you have too much to handle yourself.

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