On the call last night, one of the participants talked about issues she was having with creating a Way of Eating that works for her. In BodyWay, diet is a 4-letter word. We don’t diet, because to diet typically means we choose some form of eating that implies restriction or deprivation and brings up horrible feelings of self-loathing, self-abuse, shame, guilt and fear. Instead of dieting, we use a special set of questions that help you discover a personalized Way of Eating that you LOVE to follow because it is aligned with your biochemistry, your lifestyle and your body wisdom!

Another participant wrote me an email this morning. This is what he said: Having so much fun with NO food chart in my Pocket!! Printed out the Release Statement and have one in my pocket, one next to my bed and one in the car.Love saying it to erase negative patterns. Wahooooo.

What would it take for you to be free of the dreaded tracking and counting of calories, fat grams, measuring and weighing? What would be possible if you could untangle yourself from the obsessive/compulsive knot of body-hatred and learn how to access your truth of BEing instead?

In place of this dreaded thing we call dieting, BodyWay has created a system that utilizes a very simple way of determining what is best for you utilizing your inner guidance system.

This system is unique to you because you are unique in every way. We want you to discover how truly magnificent, awesome and wildly unique you are. You can't do that if you're entangled in a self-hate loop, trying to fix what you think is wrong with you.

In place of this dreaded thing we call dieting, BodyWay has created a system in which you are invited to ask yourself a series of questions that help you create a Way of Eating that works for you and is unique for you in this moment!

In this moment is an important part of the process. What this invites you to acknowledge is that you will change. Aahhh! Isn’t that nice to know. Whatever is right for you in this moment may not be right for you tomorrow or next week, or next year. You’re not locked into something forever!! No one, and I mean no one, wants to believe that the way they choose to eat today is how they HAVE to choose to eat tomorrow or next week, or next year! We’re not robotic machines! We grow and evolve and constantly change. We have to adapt to that and we have to keep adapting to that.

(With that said, you may be one of the few who need to feel “safe” by choosing a Way of Eating that you think will be the same for all time. That’s okay. If that works for you, then do it. Just remember to keep checking in. What you think you want to eat forever today may change tomorrow!)

While you answer these questions you are encouraged to be “in-touch” with the feelings associated with your responses. These feelings can often cloud the issue because they are heavy with history, associations, programming and all sorts of beliefs that have nothing to do with who you are now and what your body wants to eat now. You are also shown how to release the feelings and all the old associations connected with going through this process. Our goal is to get you to free choice. We want your body to tell you how it wants to eat. And we want you to nurture a relationship with your body that is collaborative, loving and co-creative.

To get you there, we do lots of clearings and releases that clear the space so you can be present with what your body is communicating in this moment.

Do you know that your body has an intelligence of it’s own? Have you been listening to her? If not, you are abandoning her. When you abandon your body, you abandon an aspect of yourself. When we abandon ourselves, we can experience profound loneliness and emptiness. We then try to fill those places with all sorts of things--drugs, overeating, people, money and success. Everything in life becomes a drug to fill the emptiness caused by the abandonment of our own body.

Your body wants your love. She wants to know that you care! Do you want your own love? Do you want to know that someone cares? If you have these feelings, and you struggle with food and your weight, you might want to consider how you are abandoning your body.

Your relationship to your body is the most intimate relationship you will ever create in your life. Everything grows out of that. If you can’t ultimately say you love your body and that you care for her “lovingly,” you can’t honestly say that you have loving relationships in your life. You might love a child, or your spouse, or a friend, but do you really? Do you unconditionally love? Probably not.

When I was married, I loved my husband but not unconditionally. In place of that unconditional love, I expected him to fulfill me in ways he couldn’t do and I secretly resented him for that. I loved my children but also expected them to turn out a certain way that I deemed “good.” As I healed my own self, I was able to allow them to be more of who they are. I was able to become more and more honest with the members of my family, more vulnerable and transparent. I had to learn to allow them to be them. That became easier as I sunk down into loving the yummy bones, fat and sweat of my own body.

When we fight our body, she knows it and fights back. She makes us miserable. She puts on more weight in exactly the places we don’t want the weight. She develops all kinds of symptoms. She becomes bloated, develops all sorts of aches and pains.

What would happen if you invited your body to work with you? What amazing co-creative adventure might you invent? What awesome miracles might occur when you begin to repair the relationship with your own body?

Body Way has a structure for creating a Way of Eating that is highly adaptive.

The idea is to come up with a structure or system that brings you a sense of peace. It can be as varied and as there are people in the world. How inventive and inspired can you become? How creative can you be? One participant on the call proclaimed that her new Way of Eating was going to be created around the vibrancy of food! What will yours be?

No two of us are the same. We have different biochemistries, different lifestyles and differed point of views. No one plan will work for everyone.

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I am a Masters degree in counseling psychology and 25 years experience helping women break free of their issues with their bodies and food. My dream is that every woman who so desires, transform her wounds and unleash her inner passion and beauty, discovering the possiblities of fiercely alive, authentic soul-expression.
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