My sons, Eric and Josh, graduated from middle school last week. I had a conversation with them about moving onto high school. I expected to hear "I'm looking forward to high school," "I'm nervous" and "I hope there isn't that much more homework" but, after all of the complaints I heard this past year, I was surprised that what came out of their mouths was "I'm going to miss South Orange Middle School," and "I really like my teachers."
Middle school served Eric and Josh very well. They learned. They matured. They made mistakes, which they hopefully learned from. They met people and learned how to interact with peers, teachers and leaders. They learned to be part of a team and how to lead teams. They learned a lot about responsibilities. It was a good place for them to be.
So why not stay put?
Nobody ever considers staying in middle school beyond graduation because once you've graduated you've learned what you needed to learn there. How many times can you take the same science or math class? How many times can you write the same essay in Language Arts? Middle school was a vital stepping stone but it was just that...a stepping stone on a journey to another place. Sure it can be scary and there may be a few tears but unless you move on and take the next step you stagnate and won't continue to learn and grow.
What does this have to do with you?
Last week in addition to celebrating my sons' graduation I spent time coaching two of my VIP clients. One is transitioning from a full time job to a business she is creating, the other is transitioning from a business that she has run successfully for several years to a new business which has no foundation or reputation and she has no experience running.
For each of these women their current position has served them well. It's literally paying their bills. For the most part they like what they are doing and are really good at it BUT (and yes, it's a big but)...these positions no longer serve who they are. It's scary but it's time for them to graduate and move on and kudos to them for not only seeking help but for accepting it.
So what about your business? What about your life? Are there things that are there today that it may time to move on from?
I'd like to challenge you to take a few moments to look around at what you're doing and ask yourself THREE questions so that you can honestly assess what is going on.
1. What opportunities do I have in front of me? Are they new opportunities for learning, excitement and growth? Or are they situations I've seen or been in before that hold little excitement, interest or room for growth and learning?
2. What would my business and life look like if I magically graduated to the next level?
3. If there is one thing holding me back from moving forward what is it? What is one step I can take to break free?
In some situations, like middle school graduation, you have to move don't have a choice; your spot no longer exists. But in other situations you do have a choice. It's up to you to decide whether or not to allow yourself to continue repeating classes and doing the same things again and again. It's up to you to decide you've graduated and to take those steps forward.
One final note, over the past eight years as I transitioned from business executive to establishing and now successfully running my own business, the one thing that I've held constant is having a coach. Having a coach has given me the support I needed as I've learned and grown. I continue to rely on a coach to help me see what I outgrow and to challenge me when it's time for me to take my next step.
If you're tired of the status quo and are ready to take that next step in your business and life and could use some help let me know. Just send an email to me, tell me what's going on, and we'll set up a time to talk.

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