Today, we are digging deeply into one of the most common concerns that we face on a daily basis: our addiction to food. I ask that you open your mind and heart while reflecting on the following words….

In order to understand food addictions, you have to sink into this concept deeply:

Addictions come when we abandon ourselves and rely on outside approval. We are the ones who give to ourselves love, abundant resources, opportunities, respect, etc. And as we realize this, we will then understand that life is about discovering how to support ourselves and what insights and attitudes to live by that will cause a fuller expression of our being into the world. As the One Life awakens in you, your relationships will no longer be about need, but about delight and self-discovery.

Since all is within, we heal food addictions through fully presenting life and feeling the resonance inside us with all that we engage with. For example, when you appreciate the beauty of a flower, it is because that flower is in resonance to the beauty you already have in you. Everything changes in outer reality when we sing the notes that have been “muted” within us.

You also have to become aware that we often eat with hidden agendas, like when doing emotional eating. In this case, it is important to notice the agendas, discover and meet the true needs, and eat for delight and body evolution that supports the thriving of all life. If you are interested in learning how to do this, it would be an honor to help you.

When you eat emotionally you numb the body’s messages to you, and you stuff negativity into the meridians, polluting them and hindering the flow of life force flow. You also create a gap in cause and effect, as you avoid looking at things. An example of this would be when you eat and feel guilt or regret over it later, as this shows a clear ‘gap’ in your self-awareness such that you are operating in fragmentation. All guilt locks in patterns that then become repetitive.

It is not the food that you are addicted to, because when you heal the origin of the self-abandonment, it becomes easy to clear the old habit as it will no longer holds the charge for you. Consider also that negative emotions are also addictive. They too form from self-abandonment of the pure emotions of joy, passion, creativity, peace love, compassion and so on.

The way to shift this is to express fully, presence your life fully and choose to engage in all the tones of pure emotions. Your food addictions will naturally fall away when the gaps of suppression fill up through your own singing of the missing tones that you have suppressed. We can shatter the boundaries that hold the suppression through learning to feel with the whole body.

It is time to approach food in a new way. It is not about food, it’s about relationship. Be in delight and appreciation for the tones that your food is making you sing. Soon enough, your life will be experienced in a reverent communion with all creatures around you.

Are you ready to change your relationship with food forever? I’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments below.

Expecting miracles,


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Monica is a spiritual and evolutionary coach that helps people turn their struggles into an opportunity for self-realization, inner-power and freedom. After dealing with an eating disorder for over 15 years, she finally found that true nourishment comes from the inside out, and she was called to dedicate her life to the spiritual path of full liberation, evolution and self-expression. She holds a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and a MS in Nutrition Education from Columbia University and a second MS in Holistic Health and Nutrition. She is a Belvaspata Healing of the Heart Level 1&2 pracititoner and on her way to becoming an Inner Mastery Tool Practitioner. She is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles. You can learn more about her at