Are You Ready to Put Your Purpose Into Action?

Taking action in life is the key to success, joy, and fulfillment. We can have plenty of dreams, goals, passions, and desires, but if we don’t take proactive steps that lead us in the direction of manifesting those things, we will remain stagnant. I choose to wake up every day and focus on taking positive action that will bring my soul’s truest purpose to light. It’s one thing to have a sense of purpose within you, but letting it out and allowing the vibrancy of your spirit to soar and shine is what generates the powerful energy surge that begins the process of magnetizing your desires.

When we choose to consciously live with a sense of purpose it automatically shifts our entire perspective on life. Enthusiasm bubbles beneath the surface, new ideas emerge with ease, opportunities appear magically, and a sense of gratitude permeates our attitude and existence. Who wouldn’t want that? Well, it can happen and YOU can make this happen for yourself. It requires a commitment to reach deep within yourself and honor the voice inside of you that craves and deserves attention and acknowledgment. It’s that small, silent, yet powerful voice from stems from the deepest recesses of your eternal spirit that communicates to you through your emotions and your intuition. When you commit to listening and honoring that voice, knowing that it is steering you in the direction that will keep you on your soul’s perfect path, you will find yourself experiencing more and more moments of awakening, joy, and bliss.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be grand. It is unique to you and you will feel what it is when you notice what brings you the greatest joy. When you recognize and acknowledge what that is, and then take proactive measures to engage in any thought, feeling, or activity that generates that sense of joy, you will be on your way to creating your life on purpose, with deliberate choices, and conscious intentions. This naturally and beautifully puts you in a state of “flow.” This state of being can’t be accurately described, nor can it be measured, it can only be known when you are in it.

As we make a commitment to ourselves that involves recognizing that the prime of our lives is right now, in this very moment, and as we commit to living life to the fullest and making it our own beautiful and unique masterpiece, we open the door for experiencing a divine state of flow, grace, and ease.

May your day be filled with conscious decisions to take action that will propel your spirit into new and phenomenal pathways to authentic success and true fulfillment.

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Working with me as your coach is unique. I say this because I've been in this industry for over 17 years. I combine my educational and professional background in counseling psychology, my energy medicine and wellness/fitness background with my life and business coaching certification and skills, my broadcasting skills as the host of the "Create Change Now" Radio Show, and blend that with my history as a best selling personal development author and my spiritual awareness and deep intuitive skills (heightened after my neath death experience 15 years ago) to help you shift from limitation to expansion in every area of your life. I love watching my clients as they thrive and flourish in ways they never even imagined. My approach as a life and business coach is a HOLISTIC (BODY, MIND, SPIRIT) one. This provides the balance and awareness I feel is essential to creating lasting fulfillment and success that flows from the inside-out. Your expansion awaits!

Credentials: Bachelor of Arts Degree: Psychology/Sociology, Masters in Counseling Psychology, Certified Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified Business Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Human Physiology and Exercise Science Expertise, Certified Personal Trainer with ACE. Certified/Attuned to Reiki I and II, Metaphysics, Certified in Hypnotherapy, International Mentor, Award-Winning Author of 5 books, including the Best-Seller: Create Change Now, Broadcaster/Host of Create Change Now Radio Show

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