Incredibly the first month of 2013 is already part of your memories and can only now serve you, by offering you a new set of experiences and learning, which will allow you to expand and grow into the type of person you need to be to attract the type of success you desire.

How are you doing so far this year, are you managing to make those few crucial shifts you need to make, to support you to take the goal specific action you know you need to take, to achieve the results you want this year? Or are you still trapped in the same cycle of inactivity and hamster wheel frantic busyness, which only tires you out every day, but delivers very little growth and expansion and will certainly not allow you to achieve your goals this year?

Action Idea: Plan your day the night before and schedule time into your dairy to carry out your prioritised goal specific activities each day. Focus your energy on carrying out these few activities every day, during this scheduled time. You cannot allow anything to get in the way of this scheduled meeting with your future. Just as you would never cancel a meeting with your most important client, so too must you never cancel this crucial daily meeting with your future. If something really important does come up, never cancel your meetings with your future; reschedule them, for the same day, if at all possible.

Introduce one new Behaviour
Discover a new daily behaviour, which will support you to carry out your goal specific activities and use your willpower to ensure that you make the crucial shift, where you carry out the new activity, until it becomes an entrenched part of your success habit set. This new behaviour could be something like reviewing your day, just prior to finishing up for the day. To do this successfully, you would spend five minutes at the end of each day, reviewing, your day.

Reviewing your Day: You would look at all the challenges you faced, discover what they taught you and file this away for use at a later date. This will help you to learn the lessons they offer and should you ever encounter a similar setback or challenge in the future, you will be better equipped to handle them. Look at all your wins and allow yourself to feel the glow of satisfaction for a job well done. Explore all the things you needed to do that day, especially your goal specific activities. If there are any you never managed to tackle, put these as your first action items for the next day.

Success Comes from Activity
If you are to make this your year, to finally achieve your goals, you must remember that success does not come from day dreaming, spinning your wheels or procrastination. It is the result of a 100 % commitment towards your goals, a deep rooted belief in your ability to achieve them and a daily drive to carry out all the goal specific activities you need to carry out to succeed.

Support and Reinforce
The challenge we face as we travel the journey towards success, is that as easy as it is to carry out the daily actions necessary to achieve your goals, so easy is it not to carry out these activities. To help you and support you to take these actions daily, it is necessary to find ways to inspire and reinforce the behaviour in you, necessary to succeed.

Action Idea: There are many ways to do this. You could have accountability partnerships, master mind groups, a mentor, you could even make a public announcement, where your friends and peers hold you responsible or if you are up to it, you could even join a group, to help stimulate competition, as a way of reinforcing your new behaviour.

Have Fun
Enjoy every day and lighten up. Dare to be happy now and every day. Do not try to postpone your happiness a moment longer. If you feel like you are trudging through each day, trying to achieve your goals, you will feel uninspired and like success is a chore. If you adopt this philosophy, you are doomed to fail before you even start.

Look at each day and try to get as much from each one as possible. Celebrate your daily victories and successes and find innovative ways to bring joy to the journey. Remember we are pleasure seeking creatures. As long as you allow yourself to feel that the activities necessary to achieve your goals are a chore and not something fun, you will move away from pain (Daily activity) towards pleasure (watching TV etc.) and another year will pass you by, in a blur of dissatisfaction.

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