This little island nation is located slightly below the equator and have 2 main islands called Upolu and Savaii. Samoa is a part of Polynesia and has about 180,000 people living on the islands. Interestingly, there are more Samoan people living outside of Samoa than in Samoa due to countries like New Zealand and Australia that needed lots of good island workers about 30 years ago. Today Samoa tourism is a big part of the revenue earnings on the island.

Samoa is a volcanic island with the latest volcanic activity more than 100 years ago. You will still see clear evidence of the lava flow in some areas and it is exiting to walk on this black lava fields.

The months between December and May are the time of the year when the humidity is slightly higher and usually less cooling wind. Although some will call it the rainy season, it has proven to be a great time for Samoa tourism due to lower hotel rates and usually not much rain at all. Every hotel in Samoa will give you a special deal during this time of the year.

Today there are many reasons why you should spend your holiday in Samoa. The country has not only fantastic beaches and rainforests it also has at least 3 great golf courses in high international standards. Many overseas companies combine holiday and work by organizing a conference in a Samoa hotel or resort. Another good reason for a holiday in Samoa is to get married in one of the most beautiful and natural locations in the world.

Samoa offers a big variety of international and Samoan food. Enjoy Samoa food not only in your hotel or resort restaurant, also take a trip to the capital Apia and explore the local markets with small cooking stalls with food of exiting new tastes.

Stroll through the fruit and vegetable market and get your tropical fruits to take home to your hotel. There are plenty of handicrafts made out of coconut shells or carvings of wooden bowls used for mixing the Ava (kava).

Everything is there for an exiting holiday in one of our hotels in Samoa.

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