Everyday, we are asked for this password and that password…

This PIN number or that PIN number…

There is security everywhere trying to keep us safe.

Trying to stop people from stealing our identities and our money.

And as I click on another ‘Forgot Your Password’ link, I am reminded about just how important it is to protect the access people/things/events have to us.

We protect our things so much better than we protect ourselves!

When it comes to things, we have passwords and PIN numbers for everything but when it comes to our emotional health, our mindset, our TIME, we allow anyone to say anything, do anything and we just go along with it, in the name of selflessness.

What nonsense!

You are your most precious asset!

Everything else you are protecting can be replaced but you, your time?  That is literally irreplaceable.

And yet, who knows it?

Most people around you think that you are just commonplace, that they can just access you willy-nilly…

Your phone vibrates and beeps all through the day…

You check your email every second to see if anyone else wants your attention…

You answer every single call whenever ANYONE wants you…

No filter, no checks and balances in place, nothing!

And let’s not talk about what people are allowed to demand of you?!

People just expect you to drop everything and run to their aid…  EVEN when it is something they can handle alone

and YOU DO IT!

And then you wonder why you feel that undercurrent of resentment as you find yourself thinking that no one really cares about you but you do not see that you are causing this!

You are not taking yourself, your time seriously enough and so everyone wants a piece of you!

And you are the most capable person they know so again, EVERYONE WANTS A PIECE OF YOU!

You are the only one who can get this under control!

And then, even worse than all of the above, there are the ones who feel they can demean you…

They make you feel small and you let them.

You keep putting yourself in the place of subservience to someone who does not know your value!

And you say it is because you love that person and that really, deep down, they love you too!  However, we can all see that they really do not!

But again, you feel you must let them access your heart in this way and it hurts you terribly inside and you almost think it is normal for love to feel like this, whether it be a child, a parent, a partner, a friend who treats you in this way.

Honey, You HAVE TO control access to you!

Just as there are passwords and PINs for your stuff, there must be boundaries in place around you.


And honey, all those dreams in your heart of impacting nations and creating wealth cannot come to pass while you allow all these shenanigans to keep happening to you!

It diminishes your energy and your power and it certainly eats up your time.

It is time you said ‘NO!’

It is time you redrew the lines around you!

It is time you own your own power!

It is time you get healed!


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.


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