We’ve all experienced fear in our lives. Most of it though is not beneficial to us. I know you’ve had this feeling…It starts in the pit of your stomach, you feel a little queasy, you start to notice your hands shaking a little and maybe you’re breaking into a cold sweat. Fear is overcoming you. How do you know? You decide to not go ahead with whatever it is you were doing when it started and you start to feel a little better. Fear got it’s way and you stopped the exciting new venture you were about to leap into.

The problem here is that by letting fear rule your decisions, if you are taking a step forward in your business and halt out of fear you aren’t going to get anywhere except right where you are… doing the same thing you’re doing right now.

How do you get past the fear? By choosing what you want and believing you have the excitement and energy to create it. That is the way business grows. Wanting to share that excitement and energy and then doing so without fear allows you to serve from the heart. You know your next inspired actions based on your values. You know what to say and do to attract clients/customers.

If your business is not where you want it to be or you can’t seem to take the next step, you need to look at where you are focusing your thoughts, feelings and actions. Are you letting fear stop you? Are you managing your energy and finding out what the root cause of the fear is on an inner level?

It really doesn’t work to blame anyone or anything outside of yourself if you are not where you want to be. You need to take absolute vibrational responsibility for all of it and move in loving gentleness from where you are to where you want to be.

Moving forward at anything requires both an inner and an outer approach. You have to start with the inner and solve the issues inside you so that you can take action on an outer level to move toward what you desire.

Are you ready to beat Fear at its own game?

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