Many people struggle with affirmations. They find they’re not comfortable voicing them, or they aren’t sure what to say exactly because the words feel like a lie. Some people insist that specific words should be used while others should be avoided, and that because affirmations are typically about something that you want to change in your life, it’s important to “fake it until you make it.”

The most important aspect of the affirmation is how you feel about it. Therefore, if the words make you feel uncomfortable or feel like a lie, it’s probably a good idea to try rewording that affirmation.

Yes, in theory, you can repeat the affirmation that you don’t believe, but unless you can make yourself believe in the possibility of the words, you may actually be reinforcing the behavior that you’re seeking to change.

Perhaps you would like to shed 10, 20, 50, or even 100 pounds. One affirmation could be to repeat “I am beautiful and slender.”

Most people I know who want to lose weight would struggle with this sort of affirmation. When they look in the mirror, they’re seeing the fat instead of a beautiful slender person.

Similarly, people who suffer from chronic illnesses may wish to attract health into their lives. They dutifully repeat, “I am healthy and strong and filled with energy,” while feeling the pain throughout their bodies.

Another person sees a stack of bills and no money in the checking account to pay for them, yet states, “Money flows to me, I am prosperous.”

The trouble with the “fake it until you make it” concept is that even in the moment that you’re repeating your positive affirmations, your mind is still whispering negative messages like, “Who do you think you are kidding,” “Yeah right,” and probably several others to bring your morale back down.

Negative messages tend to build up over the years. You’ve probably had them drilled into your psyche until they feel true. It takes time and conscious effort to overcome them.

You may have post-it notes around your home and office reminding you that your perfect mate is there, but if you consciously or not retort, “Why would anyone be interested in me?” then your mate will never arrive. Or they do, but they will be far from perfect or treat you badly.

When the negative thoughts outweigh the positive ones, you’re not in alignment with what you want. You need to be in alignment with what you want in order to attract whatever it is into your life.

One of the greatest teachers of the Law of Attraction and using affirmations in your life is Louise L. Hay. Rather than suggesting you write or verbally repeat messages that you obviously don’t believe, she suggests you soften the language. One of the phrases that she recommends and that I have found works very well is, “I am open and receptive to….”

The reason this works is because it’s not setting you up in a lie as long as you are open to receiving what you’re affirming.

The individual facing illness can honestly state “I am open and receptive to improved health” just as the person who is short on funds can say “I am open and receptive to money from unknown sources.”

By declaring your openness to an idea of a healthier body or having love in your life, you can feel the shift in your energy. You’re hopeful and optimistic instead of feeling like you’re a liar. Once you’ve become hopeful, you’re much more likely to see the results you desire begin to manifest in your lives. Then as you lose a pound or two, are able to increase your physical activity a little, or you find a few dollars, you have increased faith in the possibility.

If you’ve struggled with using affirmations in the past, are you open to the idea that they can work? If the answer is yes, then play with some wording that feels good to you.

Write down several ideas and see how you feel when you say them aloud. If you hear little voices disagreeing with your words, try a different one. Keep writing and trying until you find something that feels good to you. Once you’ve found the words that feel right, you’re ready to start affirming manifesting what you really want.

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