Are you stuck in a rut in your life? I once heard a rut defined as a grave with no end. When we experience being in a rut it’s generally because we believe it’s safe there. We feel the risk of loss is less if we just stay where we are. Something outside that rut seems risky, and so we settle in. At least we think we know where we’re at. But if a rut is a grave with no end then surely we don’t realize we’re living life in a grave.

Dr. Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind wrote: “Realization without application is hallucination.” Even though we experience ideas and visions of how we want our life to be, if we don’t actualize those ideas, they’re all for nothing.

We have an instinct to move into the path of what our heart desires. We have great ides, thoughts and visions of whom and what we can be. And then uncertainty takes hold. It’s that fabulous unknown that scares the bejeezus out of us.

To heal any fear that is running your life, learn to incorporate two voices. You already have a strong first voice that is telling you everything that can go wrong if you take a risk. Now you need a new, second voice to parent you through each step.

Have you ever wondered how do baby birds do it? They’re high up in a nest and watch their parents fly away each day to bring them food. Then one day it's their turn. They’ve never flown before. What must it feel like to be a baby bird peering over the edge of the nest to the abyss below? Fearful and scared if they do fly they will plummet to their death or be maimed. That’s really being out of their comfort zone and the only known which is the nest.

And we are just like the birds who come to the edge and must make a choice – do we follow our urge or do we live the rest of our lives in that nest? Are we paying attention and trusting or are we resisting where we feel we must go?
And what is the greater risk – to step out and do it? Or to hold ourselves back, stuff it all back inside and play meek.

Chicks will waddle back and forth on a ledge deciding if they should return to their nest or plunge, and eventually after several rounds of this they intentionally lean over to the point of no return and surrender to gravity, They flap their wings wildly at first seeing what it’s like to use their wings and how. Successfully having completed one run they are encouraged and more confident to try it again and again until it becomes second nature to fly. Now they know for sure that they can fly.

Be the mom or dad bird for your inner chick that is learning to fly. When you get to the edge but want to waddle back into the nest, be right there telling yourself that you will make it, you can do it, you’re right there to pick yourself up in case you fall, to follow the call that you are hearing inside of yourself. Lean over into the mystery of life. Lean to the point of nor return and surrender and see what wind is beneath your wings. Just like birds we are fully equipped to break free of the voice of fear. Let go of where you are right now and jump into the exploration of your passion, purpose and meaning.

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