Thanksgiving Holiday in America is about giving thanks, it all began when Native Americans helped the Pilgrims survived by teaching them how to fish, grow corn, and live off of the land. The Natives gave the Pilgrims a wealth of knowledge.

What have you given lately? Many people get together on this day to give thanks for all the things they have received. Yet, if you are truly thankful you have a desire to share your wealth with others. It’s not about money, food or clothing, thanksgiving is about “GIVING,” not receiving.

In my spiritual book, The Bible it says, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” So, as a child I used to believe this was ridiculous. How can I give if I am poor? But life experiences confirmed that giving works. Your giving is multiplied, but if you don't give you can’t multiple negative by negative and expect positive. When you give, you receive abundantly. Your deed is multiplied by high numbers if you give from your heart, without expectations or obligations.

I have been blessed with a talent for speaking, writing, challenging, motivating and inspiring others to be better than they are. Today I share those gifts with others in any way possible. Take a look at your life and you will see that you have so much to give; you are more gifted than you realized. So here are two questions I have for you:

Are you waiting for something to happen in order to be grateful? Or, are you thankful and taking actions in order to make great things happen?

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Sandra Graves was born in the Republic of Panama to a single mother of six girls. Her determination to win in life led her to claim her power by succeeding as a model, interface engineer, and keynote speaker. Graves, is also the author of several motivational books including, '7 Days of Self-Love and Reclama Tu Poder ', self development and transformational books. As a speaker and life coach she travels around the United States and internationally sharing her personal development knowledge, leadership and transformational success with her audience. In addition to helping others to claim their power, Sandra is convinced that our beginning doesn’t have to be our end if we believe. You can find her at or find her on Facebook.

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