Do you know many people compulsively find themselves seeing the worst scenarios in situations they find themselves in? Do you know this leads to unnecessary amount of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, despair, depression, energy depletion, unhappiness, failed relationships, health concerns and more? Finally do you know this tendency is driven by subconscious negative beliefs? These negative beliefs can be readily erased leaving one feeling strong, resilient, confident, objective, positive, and totally in charge of their minds, emotions and their life.

Catastrophic thinking arises because individuals, without realising it, subconsciously believe that it helps them ward of, or be prepared for potentially serious negative events that are uncertain and which they have little or no control over. In other words they believe that this negative thinking pattern is useful for them.
Now here, I am going to show you how, if followed through their logical conclusion as to how they serve you, lead to very “illogical” conclusions.

In doing so, I will attempt to help you experience a shift that some have described as an awakening of consciousness. Let’s start now.
If we start with the premise that catastrophic thinking prepares one for potential negative events then I might ask:

Now that you feel prepared, what else do you supposedly feel in that preparedness?
When one is prepared they apparently feel safe, relaxed, comfortable, confident, optimistic, strong, resilient, capable, effective, empowered and happy. Also, they will feel light-hearted and enjoy having a clear and positive mind.

As stated as above, catastrophic thinking makes one relaxed and strong. Does this sound a bit strange for you? Is this how one feel when they are engaged in that “negative” tendency? Absolutely not! This tendency creates intense emotional and physical stress.

After reading all this, I want you to simply feel what is going on near your heart region. Some of you will likely have experienced feelings of lightness, expansiveness, relief, peace of mind, internal stillness, joy, warmth, strength, confidence, resilience and so on. Now if you think about that catastrophic thinking idea, you may experience that it has receded or even disappeared from your awareness.

So what is going on here?

Well, you now have begun to take a step forward to reclaiming control over your mind and your freewill. Negativity is like a computer virus that infected your mind and was wreaking havoc on you. The “computer program” was downloaded into you at some earlier time in your life when you were in some way traumatised.

It is associated with the memories of that trauma. I have helped you begin to free yourself from negative programming, for those who feel inspired to remove the entirely of this, there are few more steps in the process.

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